How to activate the Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra)?

Ever asked the simple question of how to activate the Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra)? Now here is the answer… 🙂

Once you have started the journey of stopping further decalcification of your pineal gland and begin the process of detoxifying it, the next step is to start activating your pineal gland and thus developing your third eye.

Activating your pineal gland and developing it further will allow you to exercise your 3rd eye and thus strengthen your psychic ability. Like any part of your body, once you understand how it works, you can help to maintain it so that it remains healthy. Just the same way our brains will develop if we use them more often, the same is true for our pineal glands. Many experts have shown that those who work on developing their pineal glands also help to enlarge it in a positive way. As with all exercise and development, practise is key here. The more you can do to develop your pineal gland or activate your pineal gland, the more chance you have of reaching the desired end state of a fully functioning healthy pineal gland.

Below is a list of activities you can take to develop your pineal gland:
STEP 1 – Prepare your Environment for Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra) Activation
STEP 2 – Prepare your Body for Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra) Activation
ACTIVATION STEPS – Foods that Stimulate your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):
1. Raw Chocolate
2. Chaga Mushroom
ACTIVATION STEPS – Meditation & Yoga that Stimulate your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):
1. Thoh Chant
2. Yogic Visualisation
3. Yogic Breathing
4. Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan
5. Sun Gazing
6. Heart Healing
ACTIVATION STEPS – How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas by Drunvalo Melchizedek
ACTIVATION STEPS – Spirit Journeys that will develop your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):
1. Iboga
2. Ayahuasca
ACTIVATION STEPS – Activate Pineal Gland using Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies

STEP 1 – Prepare your Environment for Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra) Activation:

The pineal gland needs pure darkness to emit melatonin, which produces serotonin. These chemicals are crucial to psychic awareness, and thus in turn activates your pineal gland. Therefore, cover your windows with curtains or blinds, and remove all electronics from your room, including computers, telephones and TVs, or anything that will emit light, emit EM fields or distract you from your meditation.

As mentioned in the previous section, stimulating the pineal gland into melatonin production should also lead to breaking up the calcification of the pineal gland.

Purify the air in your home by purchasing an ozone machine or an air purifier. Breathing will become much easier when your air is clean, and breathing is important to activating the pineal gland. It is recommended that meditation or breathing exercises are done by the sea where the air is the cleanest. If you don’t live by the sea then you can bring sea fresh air to your home using an air purifier/ioniser.
Recommended Product (US & Worldwide): FIVE STAR FS8088 Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer Cleaner with UV
Recommended Product (UK & Europe): Heaven Fresh HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier

STEP 2 – Prepare your Body for Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra) Activation:

Essentially, the preparation of the body includes the decalcification of your pineal gland, and eliminating the sources of the calcification. It also means having a healthy body, being balanced and having the best possible wellbeing.

This can be achieved with day-time exercise, a healthy diet, not over eating and meditating. They all contribute to the pineal gland producing higher concentrations of melatonin and thus helping to stimulate it. It also means you have a better and deeper night’s sleep which is always good for your general wellbeing.

ACTIVATION STEPS – Foods that Stimulate your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):

As mentioned in previous page (How to decalcify the Pineal Gland?), the following are great pineal gland activators:

Raw Chocolate:
Raw cacao is a great pineal gland detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content. It is also good as a pineal gland stimulant too, which can help to activate your third eye.
Recommended Product (US & Worldwide): Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder 1 Pound/16oz
Recommended Product (UK & Europe): Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder – 500g (Certified Organic)

Chaga Mushroom:
The chaga mushroom is the most nutritionally dense of all tree growths, and is known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God”, the Japanese call it “The Diamond of the Forest,” and the Chinese deem it “King of Plants”. It directly feeds and nourishes the pineal gland allowing it to function more fully. A definite must for those looking to help activate their pineal glands as part of a holistic approach.
Recommended Product (US & Worldwide): Siberian Chaga Extract Powder 4oz
Recommended Product (UK & Europe): Chaga Powder 50g
Recommended Product (UK & Europe): Pure Chaga – 90 vegetarian capsules, 525 mg

ACTIVATION STEPS – Meditation & Yoga that Stimulate your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):

Thoh Chant
One good method to stimulate your pineal gland is to chant Thoh (like saying Thoooh, with the oh pronounced like toe). If you are able to chant this in the note Middle C then that helps. It is recommended that you chant Thoh three times then wait 24 hours and do it again three times. Keeping repeating this process and you will find it a very powerful pineal gland stimulant.

Yogic Visualisation
Another good method is to do some yogic visualisations such as the following:
1. Slightly close your eyes, stare at the tip of your nose and slowly raise your gaze to the bridge of your nose.
2. Sit up with your back straight or lie down completely flat on your back. Keep your palms to the ceiling (above your head or on your knees).
3. Let go of all “thoughts” that seem conditioned. Acknowledge them if they come up, but allow them to flow away. Focus on your breathing to clear your mind of all irrelevant thoughts.
4. Visualize, as intently as possible, the spiritual body escaping from the physical body through the pineal gland. This is the first step in directing the energies required to activate the pineal gland. Eventually, you will feel yourself leave your physical body to astral project. Often, people hear a “popping” sound as the spirit exits the physical body.
5. Practice this meditation on a daily basis. Set aside a certain time each morning, preferably between 4am and 6am, for meditation. The more you practice, the easier it will be to develop and exercise your pineal gland.

Yogic Breathing
As with all yogic practices, breathing in very important to raising your kundalini/chi energy. One should always breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, inhaling the maximum capacity of oxygen possible. It is also very imperative to first fill your abdomen and then slowly let your chest expand, then fully exhaling allowing all the toxins in your lungs/body to be released.

Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan
A book exists called Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan (MD) detailing a large number of step by step ways you can activate your pineal gland. The book is comprehensive and is a must read for all who are on the journey of opening up their third eye. You can access the book free of charge via following the link below:
Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan
Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a copy you can get one here: Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan
As the book isn’t printed any more it has turned into a collectors item.

Sun Gazing
Sun Gazing is a very powerful method of activating your pineal gland. If you are serious about sun gazing then you must follow a certain regime. There is a way to do sun gazing without damaging your eyes, but if you don’t know this method and you just stare at the sun, you could create problems for yourself. The idea behind sun gazing is that you are literally absorbing the energy of the sun which thus energises your body. Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) is the guy who has brought this practice to the mainstream and is now able to go without food for extremely long periods of time and still be fit and healthy. His pineal gland has actually grown over the years! You must start by gazing at the sun during the first 15 minutes of sunrise and last 15 minutes of sunset, just for a couple of seconds to begin with. The reason you do it during sunrise/sunset is because this is when the sun has the least impact on your eyes. The idea is to build up your capacity to stare at the sun during these times. For more information go to HRH’s website:

Heart Healing
Heart Healing raises the overall vibration of the being and heals fear. This in turn stimulates our pineal gland and helps us see other dimensions. For more on this, please go to:

ACTIVATION STEPS – How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas by Drunvalo Melchizedek

For all who are on the path of pineal gland activation, this is a must!
Recommended Product (US & Worldwide): Earth Sky Heart Workshop with Drunvalo Melhizedek
Recommended Product (US & Worldwide): Earth Sky Heart Workshop with Drunvalo Melhizedek

The great and wise Drunvalo Melchizedek demonstrates in this video how you can fully activate your pineal gland and the pineal gland antennas. This video is so insightful and it is the first video I have come across that does into lots of detail. A must watch for all pineal gland activators out there!
How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas by Drunvalo Melchizedek

ACTIVATION STEPS – Spirit Journeys that will develop your Pineal Gland (Third Eye/Ajna Chakra):

Iboga is a rainforest shrub and hallucinogen, native to western Central Africa. Iboga stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small doses and induces visions in larger doses. In parts of Africa where the plant grows the bark of the root is chewed for various pharmacological or ritualistic purposes. It is used in a similar way to Ayahuasca, to help open up your pineal gland and thus your connection to the spirit world. For more information, please visit:

As mentioned in the What is the Pineal Gland? section, Ayahuasca is a South American shamanic brew used by shamans for many generations as a way to tap into the spirit world. It is a plant medicine that grows in the Amazon jungle, which brings profound physical and heart healing through its purgative effects and gives the individual ability to perceive other dimensions. The idea is that with enough practise and development, your pineal gland will produce this special substance. However you can also take this herbal medicine in a South American Shamanic ritual where participants go into a period of profound experience where issues and troubles come into awareness, allowing them to be healed with the insights that come from shamanic experience. This all helps to open up your pineal gland and stimulate it.

ACTIVATION STEPS – Activate Pineal Gland using Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies:

We have a whole section dedicated to activating your pineal gland using binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies. To view this page, please click the following link: Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies

Spiritual ScientistHow to activate the Pineal Gland?

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  1. Alexander

    For several years I witnessed a number of friends practicing a yogi meditation called “Divine Nectar”, which in essence, decalcifies the pineal gland. It may require years to clear the pineal gland completely if no other method is used in conjuction. This practice is done in yogi-sitting, eyes closed, concentrating on stretching the tongue back into the throat while placing its tip on the roof of the mouth, flexing it to eventually reach the main sinus cavity behind the roof of the mouth. Once your tongue is flexible enough and can enter into the sinus cavity, it will go straight up and bump against the calcified layer on your pineal gland. This is the first phase of the “Divine Nectar” meditation and it could take weeks and months to achieve. The second phase of this meditation is to decalcify the pineal gland by scraping it with the tip of your tongue. It helps break the calcium layer around the pineal gland and clear it, slowly and gently. As the pineal gland gradually clears up and exposed, you start enjoying an amazing taste of “nectar” secreted by the pineal gland, unlike anything else known to the human taste buds. During the clearing/decalcifying weeks, you will also experience the opening of your Third-Eye. I personally saw people going through different stages of this meditation and observed their gradual awakening. It’s a slow process, but it’s very safe and rewarding. It requires discipline and persistance. (You can read more about it at

    1. Bryan

      I know exactly what you are talking about. I know from which tradition this practice comes from. I would like you to contact me. I am looking specifically for advanced meditators for some planed explorations.

        1. Michael Julius

          I would like to do all these things I’ve thought the iboga is a very important way to jumpstart the paneal gland we are capable of so much more and I would like to learn

      1. wiliam mayne

        I would like to speek to you about that very thing . You should contact me very soon. I think we may have had some of the same visions . I had visions before i knew what the paineal gland was.

    2. eca

      While this practice may work, I feel you are wrong in explaining it. No matter how flexible your tongue, you cannot lick your pineal gland as it is in the exact center of your brain, behind the frontal lobe, between the two hemispheres. You’d either have to have the ability to pass your tongue through solid matter, or you’d have to have a lobotomy…

      1. Spiritual Scientist

        Hi Eca, you are right, you cannot lick you pineal gland, but what is being described is using your tongue to reach the area towards the back of the roof of your mouth. This area is linked to the pineal gland, just the same way various other parts of your body are linked via acupressure/meridian points. Hope that explains it.
        Love and blessings,
        Spiritual Scientist

        1. Angelique

          And what if you are an opera singer; when stretching the tongue will it interfere with vocal production.

    3. ram krishna mahapatra

      Dear Alexander,
      I express my heartiest gratitude to you for giving a very valuable information about divine nectar i am hindu brahmin by birth still i did’t know abt the secret but for your valuable post i have learned a great secret may god bless you with life,hapiness and abundance

    4. Jorge

      From my experience I have been able to focus on a point between my two eye brows, more like 1/2 and inch above, and feel pressure. Now, as for the pineal gland who can one determine the level of calcification? This would be great to test different methods or as people practice new lifestyles. I bring this up because when I was younger I was obsessed with not loosing my hair. I researched for about 1 month on different herbs and medicines. I found that for me finasteride, saw palmetto, fish oil, beta-sitosterol, and other herbs that promote prostate health actually worked. I had hair grow back not only on my head but on other parts of my body where hair was thinning out. I’ve stopped taking these supplements and medications for about 1 1/2 years now because it wasn’t worth it any more.

      The point that I am making is that I am willing to try new things as long as I am able to measure somehow it’s efficacy. There is so much bullshit out there with little or no evidence that it sickens me. Anyway, documentation of studies would be so greatly appreciated.

      1. Spiritual Scientist

        Hi Jorge, absolutely agree with you. I am planning on putting together a part of this site dedicated to research and any papers written on such subjects. As with all things, just need to sit down and start creating a section of this site, please be patient though. 🙂
        Love and blessings,
        Spiritual Scientist

        1. Shaggy

          Hi, I just began meditation and I’d like to know how long it usually takes for a novice meditator to get his/her first astral projection

          1. Spiritual Scientist

            Hi Shaggy, difficult to say I’m afraid. Put the intention out there and then follow your instincts as your heart will lead you in the direction you need to do to achieve this. Just remember, nature and the universe is very efficient 🙂
            Love and blessings,
            Spiritual Scientist

          2. Angelique

            It varies but I do know that a person has to have all chrakas workings well, and one must be at their optimum spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally Must come from a pure heart. the Rosicrucians taught me much and have received enlightenment through their studies but I have not been with them for a long time now. I did like their studies becasue they did not expound their own dogma, but gave one exercises and experiments for one to come to their own truths (truths in general) this ways a way to cut out the bull.

        2. sergio

          I am wondering if it is a good idea to use a few of these techniques not together but threw out the day in order to speed up the decalsification process. If this it a good idea please let me know I recently read up on the pineal gland and am very interested it all the experiences people have talked about.

          1. Spiritual Scientist

            Hi Sergio, it is best to try out a couple of techniques at a time to see what works for you. Monitor your body and see what effects you have. Your instincts will tell you what is working best. 🙂
            Love and blessings,
            Spiritual Scientist

      2. Anonymous

        You kept losing your hair primarily because you were obsessed about not losing.
        This may sound harsh but our mind can be our friend or foe.
        Faith, not in what people say but in your own abilities first. Then acknowledge what people say or suggest. No one in this world forces anyone to do anything. It’s your own mind.
        I awakened/experienced Self Realization/True Nature/Oneness/God whatever you want to call it some time ago. I did not have prior knowledge of what could cause this as I never actively tried for it. My path was different, it was an attempt towards building a moral character so strong that no distractions could influence me. But, to achieve that I was breaking and putting my body together through physical exercise, pushing the boundaries, meditation, healthy eating and sleeping better. Only a month into this and it occurred one night as everything dissolved into me and I into everything.
        My point here is, have faith in your abilities, then if you still have doubt in what religion/books/people say, just acknowledge it than fight it. I was no where near religion, but the awakening turned the attitude. This is because what I experienced without a guru or religious direction, is stated word by word in these texts. I only found this out when I started talking to some friends about my Truth and they said I was repeating things out of Bhagvad Gita, Bible, Gandhi’s teachings, Einsteins theories and yes, philosophical texts. I had no prior experience of this. Again, do not take my word as gospel and follow your own path, not mine. I’m only here to guide so you can see the you in you 🙂

      1. christo

        Thanks much valid & appreciated knowledge! I have been adding ormis clay , melatonin and magnesium amoung others to NY nightly ritual and finding travel much easier and lucid dreaming with frequent regularity, very exciting and enjoying and heightened vibration and elevated enlightenment!


    5. Daniel Jones

      Hi, sorry but just to classify. Does the tongue eventually stretch back far enough to go up behind the soft tissue or just rub the roof of the mouth as far back as it can go. There is very very little on the Internet about this so the two above variations are all I’ve read with no definitive given. I’ve only been practicing since this morning and the tip of my tongue is nearly at the point of going up behind the soft tissue. I am however scared of swallowing my tongue if it goes back much further, is that something that could happen? Please advise.

      1. Spiritual Scientist

        Hi Daniel, the tongue doesn’t need to go behind the soft tissue, it just needs to rub the roof of the soft tissue. Don’t worry you shouldn’t swallow your tongue with this. 🙂
        Love and blessings,
        Spiritual Scientist

    6. Angelique

      Been experimenting all my life and have done very profound research and and meditations to where I can channel now into the spiritual realms

      1. zeferino monteleone

        Today is day 1. Just learned of the pineal gland today. could you please offer some advice or direction how to get started or where to seek more facts. thank you so much

  2. Mike

    Have you heard of orgone energy and generators? If not, I highly recommend looking in to what it is, and how it is beneficial.
    One example of how beneficial it is: having an orgone generator in your house and where you work (or having a pedant on you all the time), will ‘sheild’ you and others from emf radiation. That’s just one benefit, there’s many, including helping the pineal gland, increased overall wellbeing.
    Humans aren’t the only thing that benefits – every living thing will get benefits from having an orgone energy generator. :))

    1. Ghazanfar Ali

      But extremely strong scalar waves emitted by Orgone Emitter may cause serious disturbances. Please see my post of August 16, 2013.

  3. Kyle Alcobas

    The reason I expressed saving your sexual fluids to maintain perfect health, was because this fluid 100% ACTIVATES THE SPIRIT THROUGH PINEAL!

    Golgotha, Calveria, or Calvary literally means “place of the skull”. The shape of this so called hill in Jerusalem is not a skull.
    The river Jordan is actually one of the 4 fluid rivers running up the spinal cord, and the Dead Sea is at the Sacrel Plexus on the base of the spinal cord.
    IU’, Ieue, [eeh-ooh-eeh], or Yehweh literally translates to breath, or spirit; and is even supposed to be pronounced as the sound of breathing. “Breath of Life” breathed into man— therefore, the “Holy (whole) Ghost”. Spirit literally means fluid of the body.

    The two thieves crucified next to IU’ are unnamed in the bible because the Roman Catholic Church removed the names. If you knew their names were Ida and Pingala, you’d know Jesus being crucified was actually where these two nerves cross on the back of the skull in the cerebellum next to the medulla oblongata, where the precious Jesus fish (Babylonian), or bread of life (sperm), is sent up kundalini spinal chanel (Jordan River) is crucified (increased a thousand-fold) and birthed in the kingdom of heaven

    The tree that bares the fruit of knowledge is actually the discovery of the orgasm, hence why Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit (give into desire of the orgasm), or they would surely die. This is why all major religions emphasized chastity. It is actually our sexual fluid that gives us our vitality, as we are beings created by god/nature through sex.

    Hence why Jesus saves his children.. rather than listen to the serpent (sexual desire of or from the penis) and lose your precious germ to be ‘birthed in hell to preach to the prisoners’. The Bible continually refers to an “or” – precious salty thick substance that’s likened to petroleum.
    The pineal gland is the “Pinnacle of the Temple.” The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the pineal gland is described in what follows: “There is no name under heaven whereby ye may be saved except Jesus Christed and then crucified” (hence ‘chris-crossed’).

    The cerebellum is shaped like a heart. The organ that men label ‘heart’ in their ignorance is actually termed “divider, or pump”. So when you’re told to think with your heart, you’re actually using your brain. Where is the source of love? In ones thinking.
    Now this is only small portion of what I’m trying to explain, so I have links that NEED to be followed.


    1. nostromo

      This is debatable. It’s also not necessarily “gnostic”. annnd while sublimation of orgasm is a way to awakening it is not necessarily the ONLY way. and you probably aren’t one to proclaim it as such and neither is Samuel Aum Weor who has a rather checkered past. His group has also had a good number of accusations of brainwashing and other unethical practices often seen in, ahem, cults.

      By the way, have you reached liberation using these methods?

    2. Cindy

      Kyle…yes yes precisely! I haven’t seen data like this before although I have been studying for 20 yrs already. I understand the astrotheology in the Bible, certainly all of man’s manipulative input, but I don’t think that people like Jordan Maxwell have detailed the true meanings of the symbolic stories in this manner. Can you recommend other reading material for me?

      Cindy Magnuson

      Thank you

    3. suzuki

      Dear Kyle
      You have uncover a great truth.
      The fall of man actually explained in several holy books is actually a sexual fall.
      The first is the sexual intercourse between Eve and an angel Lucifer and the second is
      the sexual intercourse between Eve and Adam.
      The first intercourse was not planned by God and the second was planned but made too early
      so the first humain beings were not mature enough, that is where all the sexual problems and
      all society regulation come from!
      The most holy organ of the human being is the sexual organ!
      All the glands of the body have been created to activate this organ which exist in the physical body and in the spiritual body.
      From the sexual organ comes the love, the life and the lignage which is supposed to be develop with joy and extasy!
      All theologies are useless when not considering the healing in the family and in the couple.
      All the best

    4. Angelique

      Wow where did you get your information. Seems so right on. After many years of studying what the holy Spirit really is as ( and it was the catholic church that changed the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit in order for the “blind to lead the blind” and because it was confusing people. I call in the Holy Spirit befor I go to sleep and ask for me to remember my dreams in order for me to interpret, and I ask for and thank in advance for the guidance and what I need to know upon awakening and to lead me through my day it is so “funderful” (word I coined) Petition Sundance for my green movie to be made “A God’s Project or do You Say Wakan Tanka” Now called “Full Circle” It is not only an informational movie but it is also a teaching of esoteric material and how to tap into the spiritual realm. Ps. It was Father Son and Holy Ghost which = Holy Spirit Which is really Mother Mary. You have to have the trine. Everything is a dichotomy meaning duel except for silence. We must get silent to hear and see in the spiritual realm. Blessings. Yes in regards to the blind leading the blind The Churches of old and certain countries wanted to keep people in the dark and held back education. They wanted to keep people stupid and in the dark especially about Mother Mary. (Hence the “Blind leading the Blind”)

  4. Daniel

    I don’t remember exactly were I read or listened to this information but it was about doing yogic “eye stretching” and this having a direct effect on the Pineal gland and other parts of the brain. These exercises also expand peripheric vision and I believe aid the aids for better vision. Your have to gently warm up and practice. Just google “yoga eye exercise” or similar keywords.

  5. khagendra adhikari

    i have seen sun on my head but its gone in 3 secend why and what it this if i see sun like that how i impruv?

  6. Armen Jalalian

    Hi Folks. I love this site. I have a little different take on this. They say God is the name given to Natures events that we do not understand.

    We do understand that LOVE and GRATITUDE are physiologic states exemplified by all living organisms having DNA. DNA having mass has a resonating frequency that represents LOVE. We trigger that resonating frequency in multitude of different ways but all of the ways involve elements of LOVE and Gratitude.

    Hitting that resonating frequency of LOVE (like opera singer hitting the resonating frequency of crystal glass shattering the glass) frees up the various things that prevent DNA from replicating. If DNA molecules do not replicate, the cell does does not replicate, the tissue degenerates, calcification may set in or worse the DNA replicates erratically (cancer).

    Tissue of the Peneal Gland is no different. We read that Peneal Gland in our society is calcified by age 17 possibly from changes in exposure to Sunlight, fluoride, EMF,chemicals, radiation etc.

    In a calcified Peneal Gland, Natures biochemical pathway listed in the following will be inhibited. That biochemical synthesis of Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) a reaction product of N-Acetyl-5-hydroxytryptamine a reaction product of 5-hydroxytryptamine (seratonin) a reaction product 5 hydroxytryptophan a reaction product tryptophan.

    So all these things that de-calcify the Peneal Gland are medicinal measures for facilitating the above biochemical process. A natural process that is hindered in numerous neurological and psychological deficits or illnesses. They may include M.S., anxiety, mood swings, depression, and on and on.

    So what ever it takes to de-calcify my Peneal Gland, I am all for it. Never did drugs, but getting high or having hallucinations is OK as a side affect of getting my Peneal Gland de-calcified.

    So friends, lets resonate in love, with gratitude for Natures mechanism for keeping us balanced in mood with our environment with a decalcified Peneal Gland. Send me an e-mail advising me on the best way I may decalcify my Peneal Gland.

    Are there any studies with MRI pics before and after the de-calcification procedure?


    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Armen, thank you for your beautiful words – indeed, let’s resonate in love! 🙂
      Regards to MRI pics before/after de-calcification, I don’t have any available. I have heard of individuals who have gone through the process of decalcification, and the calcification in their pineal glands has been reduced. Also there are those that have increased the size of their pineal glands via pineal gland activation activities like sun-gazing.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Paul, Shirodhara is supposed to be very good for stimulating the third eye chakra, and as a result it should be stimulating the pineal gland too. I am actually in the process of adding this information to the website.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  7. max

    i have recently rediscovered all of this… Like as a child i knew without knowing and then forgot. Now Im feeling and seeing connection to everything i focus on… Things are happening. Some days it seems it takes much more effort than others. Why is that? Could it be too much effort? Thx.

      1. max

        Thx!! I appreciate your feedback. I have tons of questions. Is this the appropriate place? I live in a very conservative area with no one with any knowledge on this subject.

    1. Steven Misosky

      It’s good to see people taking an interest in their awakening, but so much that I see here is lame. Max, or whoever else is experiencing something similar, keep a journal. There are cycles and seasons, both yours and cosmic, solar and lunar, biological and astrological. The energies are different and thus contribute to the process in different ways. There are reasons why the equinoxes and solstices were celebrated, and these reasons are related to your awakening. Next, the most important aspect to your awakening is your desire. How bad do you want it? How much do you want to transcend the personality and the limits of your five senses? Your desire must be very strong to succeed in this endeavor. Sometimes you will spend hours doing research just to get a tiny nuggent of value. Then there are your practices. You must be dedicated and consistent in your exercises. I could go on, but let me just give you all two very important tips.

      1) Breathing: Regular sessions of balanced breathing are very important. Do a search and learn. Also, clearing your pathways with Nadi Shodana is highly recommended.

      2) You have a helper in this process. In fact, you cannot succeed without accessing this help. Learn all you can about influencing your subconscious, about the relationship between your self-conscious and subconscious aspects. This is the most important tip anyone can give you! I’ll add one more thing to that. Your desire influences your subconscious.

  8. max

    How is lucid dreaming and the third eye connected? Is it that lucid dreaming helps activate the pineal gland/3rd eye? I’ve been looking around for info but haven’t specifically found that answer. I’ve noticed that on days when i practice sacred geometry drawings and mandalas i have more success with lucid dreams. Many Thx love appreciation! Max

  9. Christie

    Can you use binaural beats or sound to decalcify the pineal gland? If so can you tell me what kind of sounds or frequencies I should use for decalcification? Thank you

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Christie, a lot of research suggests that binaural beats activates various areas of the brain, and I believe that there are certain frequencies which can help activate the pineal gland as opposed to decalcify it. Saying that there could be a frequency of ultra sound that could physically dissolve the calcification in the pineal gland, in the same way that kidney stones as broken down using sound, but more research needs to be undertaken in this arena. In terms of activation, many people have different opinions of the actual frequency of the sound that can activate the pineal gland, but many suggest it is 136.10 Hz which is the frequency of sound when people chant aum/om, which for me is very interesting as Indians arrived at this tone through meditation (it was said that it was given to them intuitively and contemplatively by “opening up to the cosmos”).
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  10. Bryan

    I have tried to understand this also in analyzing my subjective experiences. Let me first comment on the use of sacred geometry because it is a subject worthy of merit. The actual mystery of why these forms are used in a meditative practice (mandalas, Sri Yantra and similar designs) lies in the active process of entrainment into deep states of consciousness through concentration upon them. Gazing or visualization exercises using sacred forms are designed to bypass normal consciousness in order to activate the ability of the third eye to perceive according to it’s own properties which are not bounded by time or space or logic.

    In an ordinary state of mind for example, walking around a natural environment, you seldom see geometric perfection and complexity unless you pause to study the things you see as an artist would. However there is a perfection of form that underlies the macro environment which you can examine using a microscope. More powerful microscopes reveal more complexity and order. To take it a step further there are yogic practices of holding in the mind simultaneously that which is infinitely large and that which is infinitely small. Mandalas and sacred geometry facilitate this yogic practice. When done regularly, the mental schism that is amplified with more powerful concentration produces a peculiar thought rhythm in the mind that stimulates very low-level perceptual centers, including the pineal gland. This is why concentration on mandalas and shapes are held to be “doorways” and are designed with a great deal of variety and complexity. This science is so intricate that specific designs can induce particular categories of subjective experiences that add further dimension to the process of opening the third eye.

    The link between the third eye and lucid dreaming is simply that when you exercise the third eye by concentrating on forms you provide it with more “flexibility” to perceive. I liken it to the practice of yoga. At first you are stiff but with practice you gain flexibility and soon discover that your physical body is energized and imbued with suppleness and harmonized function. So it is with yogic visualization exercises but in this case the positive results apply not to the body, but to the activation of the pineal chakra. Even with a partially opened third eye you begin to have incidents of enhanced perception such as lucid dreams. Eventually with more practice other experiences unfold such as OOB experiences, which are just another step on an infinite continuum of consciousness expansion.

    Consciousness doesn’t grow from being told facts—it grows from the search for them.

    1. max

      Excellent feedback/information/advice !! I’ve been noticing new dimensions to nearly everything i focus on. So what you said really reinforces or validates my experiences… For that thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Im recently new to.most of this so i apologize if i.come across as sounding like a child.

    2. Spiritual Scientist

      Thank you Bryan for responding with such clarity to Max’s question. When you mentioned the “yogic practices of holding in the mind simultaneously that which is infinitely large and that which is infinitely small”, that resonated deeply with me. When I meditate I have this profound experience of the very big and the very small, it’s almost like space has been distorted – it’s an amazing feeling.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

      1. max

        There is a lot of what Bryan said that will take a lot to process. But what you commented on the infinitely large and infinitely small part…. Is that a reference to the saying “as above so below”? Im really loving this comment section. Much love and appreciation.

        1. Spiritual Scientist

          The saying “as above so below” references ancient Hertmetic teachings, which can be interpreted as talking about the fractal nature of our universe, e.g. the way the largest parts of the universe operates, mimicks the way the smallest part of the universe does – just the same way water rotates around a plug hole, is similar to the way the galaxy rotates around the super massive black hole in the centre of it. When in a medatitive state, the sense of the infinitely large/infinitely small could well be a representation of this concept, that the conscious self uses to communicate this idea. Hope that helps! 🙂
          Love and blessings,
          Spiritual Scientist

      2. Adam

        This is the first time I’ve seen someone describe the infinitely small/large thing. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve gotten this feeling while relaxing like I’m absolutely massive and I see objects that seem crazy small to me. It’s been prevalent lately when I get into the mind awake/body asleep state. It’s something my heart tells me to follow and focus on. I’m just getting started with meditation/higher thinking so I just wanted to say it’s nice to see other people have the same feeling!

    3. Steven Misosky

      Consciousness doesn’t grow, or more properly stated, expand from the search. Only that which you gather from your search and apply has an effect.

      The reason mandalas have an effect is because the speak directly to your subconscious. Your subconscious works with images and geometry is an archetypal image that resonates with your subconscious more than words do and more than other various mundane images do. What I just stated about images and the subconscious can be easily proven. Think of a cat. Do you get an image or a bunch of words describing the cat? This response to your intention came from your subconscious. When you consider how sacred geometry reveals the working of universal law you will begin to understand their strong influence.

  11. max

    I’ve had such a positive experience(s) since last I posted here… I felt like I should send a huge Thx to you. The decalcification process is going very well as far as I can tell. I’ve never felt better spiritually physically. My wife even told me today how much more she likes me lol. For some reason unknown to me all of the thoughts and insights are presently to big to verbalize… Its a sense of feeling and seeing i haven’t figured how to put in words. Nevertheless I found this omm mantra on YouTube…. I posted the link below. Its really great. I wanted to share it because I haven’t got anything insightful to say like you or Bryan.
    Again… Much love and appreciation.

    1. Steven Misosky

      Don’t try to put it into words Max. Ancient wisdom teaches that there are three stages to meditation: contemplation, meditation and adoration. The feeling you have is the adoration. Walter Russel, a very important person everyone should become familiar with, explains this very well when describing the best way to meditate. He advises that you take yourself to a high emotional state by thinking or remembering whatever inspires you, and then use that emotional state, free from any thinking and commune with God. It will expand!

    1. Joshua Smith

      Your body is going to react to activating your pineal gland in accordance to your lifestyle. Think about it this way, when you evolve spiritually, but continue to do things that hold you back to the third dimmension such as eat meat, live off the Standard American Diet, not get any sun, stay outside of nature then your body will be in pain because it is trying to devolope but can’t because it is being grounded against it’s will. When I first woke up I got horrible tension headaches that lasted most of the day and I practically lived off tylenol and advil. This lasted a while until I realized what was going on in my life. Do yourself a favor, and start treating your body right as you start to wake up.

    2. Dan

      Hey Max and everyone. Im certainly new to this ‘awakening’ or maybe I should say ‘re-awakening’ of my pineal glands existence and all the amazing potentials I would love to believe arrive after holding conscience knowing of. This site seems of great information as have a several others I have visited. Max, I would love to know how you went about the process. Like what steps you took, from the start to the finish of your day? I’d love for this question to anyone who has had success. : ) thank you so very much.

  12. tanner

    I am seeking strategies on starting the decalcification process i see the world for its extreme beauty and complexity, but also see how others take all the wonders of nature for granted. I fear for how humanity is evolving, and am extremely eager to activate my third eye. Any advice on how to start I’m 17 live with my parents.

    1. joe callanan

      have no fear …base all your.expreience in love ..change how you look at things and you will see that what you look at will change …fear is only an obstacle which hinders you understanding ..accept that others are different ,and you will accept more of your differences with them …all is the journey to love , do not stop telling yourself that because of the differences you see between you and others have brought you to this door of the next part of you path in life not vengeful of anything and be patient ..liking yourself helga to like others no matter how original they are …this include you …be active in your harmony as the universe although at a profound peace with itself is a bubbling and sparkling hive of activity …love never stops in its advance to conquer your heart …may you dwell in the great peace allocated for you ..

    2. Steven Misosky

      Here’s a related tip. God, the one, universal, living, conscious, energy from which everything comes, and by which everything is sustained, desired to express and experience Him/Herself. God does this through an infinite variety of individual centers of awareness including you and me. This awareness, your I AM/Higher Self, is your one real power. Where do you focus your attention? How intently do you focus your attention? Do you just look at a flower, or do you examine it and appreciate its beauty? Do you just look at things, or do you look to see how things are related and interact? The level of intention you put behind your awareness determines the level of influence you have upon the creative forces. This is why we are evolving aspects of creation; so God can experience more and more of Him/Herself. There is a universal law of use. Think of working out and building your muscles. Think of practicing to get better and music or sports. The more time and effort you put into these endeavors, especially when done with enthusiasm/desire/intention, the more response/results you will see. So, to get the most out of life, and your spiritual efforts, learn to focus. If God is getting a high level of input from you, you will be promoted.

  13. sivakumar

    hi a sivakumar from india.
    two months back, one day evening, while lying down on my bed i had a diff experience. i was closing my eyes, but well awake. suddenly i was seeing darkness alone very consciously. then slowly i was able to see a fume of white smoke trying to uncoil. i was very consciously watching the white smoke. then i was very much seeing the white smoke transforming into a siva lingam, and lord shiva seated beside in a meditating state with closed eyes. believe me i was very very much awake. i got frightened as wat to do on seeing him so lively. i just opened my eyes and ran out to the drawing room.

    any inference from my experience

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Thanks for sharing that profound experience. Sounds like you had an astral experience, but that’s just interpreting what you have said. Try to go back to that moment in your head and get yourself into the same state as you were before you had the experience – you might be able to harness what you did so that you could experience it again.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

      1. Steven Misosky

        I would first analyze the experience. Why were you frightened? Were there any other feelings before you let fear overwhelm you? Should you have been frightened? Do you want to be frightened if you get that chance again? Come to some conclusions, and then try to repeat the process if you so choose. You’ll be better prepared.

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      There are many people out there who have an activated pineal gland, and there are many who are on the path to it. It all takes time, but with commitment you can make it happen.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  14. Jonathon

    While the person is in the state is it true that there are beings there with you? Are there good and bad beings? Are they able to latch onto your life energy and inhabit you while you are in this state?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Jonathon, don’t have the answer to that I’m afraid. I do believe however if that you are resonating love, you are untouchable when in a spiritual state.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

      1. Steven Misosky

        I agree. Your state/frequency will determine what you attract. Don’t just go into your meditation seesions without preparing. Read something inspiring, pray, talk to God and declare your intentions and ask for guidance. This step should not be overlooked.

  15. Ryuzaki

    Hi everybody I’m new in this pineal gland trip 🙂 and I found your site very helpful 🙂 I’m following a lot of your advices 😀
    so my question is : have you ever heard of this 936hz frequencies for the pineal gland activation ?
    Basically you close your eyes, put your headphones on and listen to it and concentrate on your pineal gland
    It was a good experience the first time, I felt really relaxed and different I don’t know how to explain it, just try it 🙂

    here’s the link

    do you think it would work as an activator ?

    thank you
    and sorry for my bad english ..
    Spread the love

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Ryuzaki, thanks for your contribution. We’re actually including a section on binaural beats soon, so watch this space.
      Sound has been used for thousands of years to activate our energy system including our third eye, the ancients used it in the form of humming, chanting, drumming, using singing bowls, etc. It is definitely a powerful way to activate your pineal gland/third eye.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  16. Navneet

    hyy guys…..this info is really good. i have been interested into it since i was a child. i just wanna ask something!!!. Actually when i was a child i could sense things… like i could recognise if a person is saying the truth or lying, remember everything, had a high concious mind. i remember that wateva i used to say became reality. we were once about to travell to suva when i was nearly 9 years of age, i told my parents that the bus well be travelling in will hve a accident….so we went in the bus and when we were returning home the bus had some mechanical problem and nearly fell of a cliff. luckily it was stuck to one edge and we survived. at that time wateva i thought of and was positive about always happened. but as i became older i do have the energy in me but i dnt knw hw to use it. is it that i was born with this high energy because i could always sense high energy surrounding me!!!! wat do you guys think. wat do i need to do to controll it and develop it? i need to master this energy because it causes me pain when i try to run away from it!!!

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Navneet, never be afraid of your abilities, embrace them and explore them 🙂 Try various kundalini activities (yoga, meditation, etc) and see if that helps you harness it. I am a big believer that we all have these powers, its just about awakening them and then learning how to use them positively.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  17. Asa

    I think I have started the path and when I stop and think about my pineal gland I can feel it pushed at the centre of my forehead. The more I think is this area the more I can feel it.

    What would be a next step to see if it is opening can I self test anything??

    Thanks for all your great work

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Asa, it means that you are definitely on the path of pineal gland activation. I have had that same feeling too from a very young age, but it is only recently that I know what it is. You will just ‘know’ once it’s activated on a spiritual level, it’s a real instinctual thing. In meanwhile, look out for the symptoms as listed in the “Benefits of decalcifying/activating your Pineal Gland” section, and definitely do some of the pineal gland activation methods from this site. Good luck 🙂
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  18. Cindy

    I think one would do best to not assume Drunvalo Melchizedeck is a great wise one. And Spiritual Scientist….what is your real name and is there any other data regarding who you are on the internet? Any pictures of you or do you do any lecturing or teaching in the public?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Cindy, thanks for your message. You’re right it’s not good to assume, but I believe anyone who has positively impacted people’s lives with enlightening information is a wise soul, and that’s what Melchizedeck does and continues to do.
      And, what’s a name but just another alias for a soul… Names are just another reflection of unity consciousness, and my name is really irrelevant, it’s the value that one brings to this world that is important.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  19. Xernna Nieves

    Where can one get Ayahuasca? Tea form or do they have pill form somewhere? I live in Atlanta, GA


    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Xernna, not sure where in Atlanta you can get it from but if you do a search online you should be able to find providers. I recommend you do it with trained practitioners, ie. shamans who have been working with it for years. It’s not the actual ingestion of it that is important, but the way the shaman prepares your body and mind for the journey.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  20. ivan

    From Spain.

    Hello, I would like to know what you think about what is said of solfeggiosounds and listen 936 frequency. … Is it true that listening to that frequency can we activate it?

    Regards 🙂

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Ivan, sound has been used for thousands of years to activate our energy system and this includes our third eye. The ancients used humming, chanting, drumming, using singing bowls, etc to produce certain frequencies for energy activation. It has been mentioned that specific frequencies, like 936Hz, can activate the pineal gland/third eye.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  21. Brandon

    hi iv been on this path for the last few months and more so understanding it in the last couple weeks.
    Thanks for this site. I just found it today and seems like ill be spending some time on here as alot of stuff relates to past reasearch, it seems like an abundance of information
    I wanted to let you know the video at the bottom of your above article no longer plays

  22. Luke

    I’m 16 I found out about this through a illuminati video the activation of the pinal gland sounds like popping a pill from the movie limitless does this give similar powers? And maybe this is what allister Crowley did when he would meditate in his dark room at night. And when you say going into demensions what do you mean? Ima try this and tell others it sounds like a next step In mankind. Peace and love to all good luck

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Luke, it’s far more than just giving you intelligence (like in Limitless), it’s about connecting you to the greater universe and being able to tap into this universal energy. When I talk about different dimensions, I am talking about one in particular that exists beyond time/space – ie. all that has ever existed or will exist, “exists” in this plane. All knowledge is present, and it is full of high vibrational energy, eg. love. When we can tap into this dimension, we can connect to that knowledge, as well as unity consciousness.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  23. Ghazanfar Ali

    Dear Friends
    Thank you all for your informative posts. Well here I want to add something which may help all of us. I am a Muslim and just like Yoga in Hinduism which is indeed a great meditation prayer for mankind, we Muslims offer prayers 5 times a day which are again great meditation specially the first prayer at 4am. Well in addition to all these Prayers meditation exercises, something happened to me when I was on a project in Sudan. And I am 100% sure that what I did resulted into supernatural occurrences in my life. I developed a strange Peripheral Vision (Off center vision) where I started seeing things at peripheral vision vibrating, sometimes moving and shaking like hell. I started seeing very huge black things moving on the floor at an angle of 120 degree from the point of focus of either my left or right eye. and when I used to move my head towards that huge black moving thing. Soon my eyes started to place the central point of focus on it, The black thing starts to shrink in size and become dot on the floor. When I used to go to see on the floor what was it, i used to see some small insect, beetle or an ant at the point on floor moving in the same direction. I first felt it as a hallucination but later one day I saw a wall shaking like hell at peripheral vision and once I focused on it the big shaking thing satrted shrinking and diminished between a gap between the wall and a small gas pipe running along the length of the wall. Once I went closed to that point and looked towards the trees and sky in the background through that gap (it was around 1 inch) between pipe and the wall I saw the background vibrating due to heat coming out from the wall due to hot sunlight falling on the bricks of the wall and radiating thermal energy. Well I was astonished what the hell is this going on with my mind and what did I do when these things were started happening to me. Well i did to experiments and I believe those caused me developing this vision. Once I stopped those research projects, the things went to normal. But still i see sometimes very small static fireballs near me at night in dim light or pitch black. And when I switch on the lights I see strange small dents or bricks slightly bulging out of the walls at very those points. Well those two experiments which I did are as under:-
    I designed a STAAAR device and it used to emit some strange electromagnetic fields at high frequencies. Some people claim that the device also emits gamma rays and causes temporal distortion inside and around its toroid.
    The second experiment was an ordinary joule theif circuit which used to generate a magnetic resonance at 11 to 13KHz and due to that its toroid used to vibrate and produce shrill high freq sounds at these audio freq range.
    Someone wrote me that I should be very much careful in these experiments as these circuits are not toys and they straight away interfere with the motion and frequencies of “Wheel of Nature” and thus create a beacon for hyperdimensional beings to gather around them. Well I dont know what happened. I continued my experiments for a month in 2011 and one kept on seeing such strange visions throughout the month until astonishingly my complete research data was wiped off from my laptop drive as it was crashed. I went to get my backup drive and once I connected it to another desktop system i found the backup was also wiped off. I tried to recover both the drives and both were physically damaged not by some shock or jerk but by something else. I bought a new hard disk for my laptop and again started the experiments from the scratch and again same thing happened to my new harddisk. I am sure it was not due to any strong field causing my harddisk to get damaged but It was something else. Once I stopped experimenting those circuits things some to normal, no peripheral visions and this is the third harddisk which I am using since then to write u this email. What I feel is there is a barrier for all of us which we cannot cross but we can at least move and stand behind that barrier. I cannot write you in detail about the experiment as it leaded me to find a secret of the nature and I believe that that must remain a secret for the betterment of our planet our mankind coz if God forbid it goes to the wrong hands can really disturb the wheel of nature and will destroy everything in balance. The STAAAR device also emits Scalar waves if Caduceus coil is used with the toroid and thus becomes a very strong Orgon Wave Emitter.
    May God Bless us All

  24. Ghazanfar Ali

    I just want to add here that the STAAAR device also emits Scalar waves if Caduceus coil is used with the toroid and thus becomes a very strong Orgon Wave Emitter.

    1. Taurus

      Im 16 and have just begun my little journey to enlightenment (hopefully filled with wonderful experiences along the way) and I would absolutely love it if you would help point me in the right direction what I should do. I’ve already begun decalicification with msm and cutting out certain foods but I’m not necessaraly sure what I should do next. Any pointers? Thanks dudes and dudets

      1. Spiritual Scientist

        Hi Taurus, great news that you are on the path already and at such a young age. 🙂 It sounds like you are on the “right” path already, and best advice I can give it follow your instincts (I know I say it a lot, but it is sooo important as it’s like a energy compass, pointing us in the best direction possible for us). Remember, I can’t tell you what is best for you to do, each of us have our own paths and can suggest what my help, but ultimately you are in the driving seat. 🙂 Therefore do what feels right and do things that are positive for yourself and others. If you can try to have positive intentions with all that you do, I think you’ll find that things will get more and more amazing. 🙂
        Love and blessings,
        Spiritual Scientist

  25. paul

    hi everyone,

    2 years ago I started meditating,within the first 2 weeks by looking upwards to my brow counting from 100 to 1, two times a day,I got a flash of white light and vibrating on forhead,I got startled and the vibration stopped when startled,I opened my eyes and closed them,I could see comets of purple and green fluctuating,it felt like someone’s finger was pressing against my forhead.

    when I went asleep every night in the dark,with my eyes closed it was as if the light was on but when I opened my eyes nobody had left the light on,so the 9 times out of 10 for the next few months I saw fluctuating energy when meditating,a few months more it was only 1 in 4 meditation I could see the energy,this got further and further apart,now it’s a very rare occasion that I would see energy,and the energy would be dull and not rich and bright ,I’m thinking my pineal gland is getting calsified again,

    any advice would be great thanks


    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Paul, sounds like there’s some pineal gland activation going on. I too get a strong magnetic feeling around my third eye, and it shows that you are on the path of activation. Try out some of the decalcification/activation methods on this site and see how you get on. 🙂
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

    2. Ghazanfar Ali

      Dear Paul
      The feeling of having your room light powered on while your eyes are closed is the sign of an activity as Spiritual Scientist says. I also experienced the same 25 years ago when I started my meditation for the first time. I was meditating in a pitch dark room with a window in front of me opened in the street. My eyes were closed and I was imagining electric blue lights falling from sky and entering my crown chakra. And suddenly I felt as someone switched on beam lights of a car on my face. I still remember the glow of my blood through my eye lashes which you see when your eyes are closed and someone put a torch beam on your eyes. I opened eyes and there was nothing. I was a bit frightened. Then I went to my bed and started my Astral Projection for an astral travel to my cousin’s house. I saw a strange brightness in the streets. Though it was 1 am yet I saw everything visible as it is just before dawn. And once I was flying through streets towards my cousin house (I always saw myself flying a few feet above ground to cover the distance), I saw some strange black shadows like dense black smoky clouds flying here and there and I was not alone in that trip. Once I finished up and returned and opened up my eyes I was looking towards the ceiling fan right in the center of the roof. I saw something shining on its central point and it started coming closer towards my face and started growing in size and once it reached a few inches away from my eyes I was badly terrified. It was a face with black skin and dried up like a dead zombie. Its eyes were so big, jutting out and looking into my eyes. I started reciting some prayers and it rushed backward towards the ceiling and shrunk and vanished. I just want to say whenever you do any sort of meditation you must encircle yourself with your second finger of right hand while reciting any verse to seek protection from God. During meditation we are just like empty vessels which can be occupied by non-solid and shapeless entities searching for such vessels. It also results in demonic possession.

  26. paul

    This is amazing,I never tried the thoh chant before,so I tried it 10 days ago,for about 20 minutes each day for 3 days,on the first day I could see energy again which I have not seen for months,but I’ve had a lingering headache for the first 2 days,my pineal gland is back working again

    So the technique says to wait for 10 to 14 days then start chanting the mayyy chant which activates energy from the pineal to the crown to create bliss,so ill be starting that soon,I really recommend the thoh chant,what I’ve found with the chant is that it’s not really thoh,it’s actually thhhhhhh,because if you try to pronounce thoh it brings the tip of the tongue back away from the teeth which you don’t want to happen,you need the tip of the tongue vibrating against the small gap in the front of the teeth,to make the pineal vibrate to get rid of the calsification,try it out you will see I’m right,just this small change in technique works wonders,I’m suprised that the technique online is a little vague not to point this out


  27. Christopher

    Hello again. I have ayahuasca in a bag at my house, I would like to know, how should I take this, is there a way to prepare it to work or do I need special help from a shaman, as said from the beginning lines of this article?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      I definitely recommend using an experienced shaman, as the ritual they take you through prepares your body for the ingestion of ayahuasca which can be very difficult for your body to deal with.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  28. machinegunkelly

    About 4 months I came across drunvalo melchizedek’s video above on how to activate the pineal glands antennas and connect to the pineal chakra. I started to use it on myself (by myself). Within a couple of days I could feel incredible energy at the different points on my head. On some occasions it overwhelmed me. A month after myself and my wife went to a fortune teller (my first time). We decided I would go in first, but the fortune teller came out and insisted my wife go first. This worried her, but he told my wife the reason he insisted she go first was because he told her ‘I got a massive burst of energy from your husband and I could not read either of you when you first approached, the energy was too powerful at first’. When my turn came he started to tell me, before I opened my mouth, about the chakra points on the head and how mobile phones and the electronic soup we live in distorts the ‘antennas’ and that this is done on purpose because the powers at be know their is a global energetic awakening and they are doing everything to stop this. I also had about another 3 jaw dropping moments with this teller. Thanks.

  29. Joe

    The movie does not work. Is there a diagram sequence to follow and practice. I was 1/4 way through and its gone..

    Thanks for any help.

  30. Andrew

    What does being “awake” mean? How does someone who is “awake” feel different or live different? How does that state manifest itself so others could see someone is awake? Also, with a healthy, active, decalcified pineal gland, what can someone do or see that someone with an unhealthy, inactive, calcified can not? What an interesting topic!

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Great questions! Being “awake” can be very subjective so many ways these questions can be answer, would love to put this question out to the community to get a healthy discussion going on this great subject. 🙂
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  31. rahul sharma

    some countries had found the ways of activating third eye by operating it by just piercing where excatly it is
    names i will not mention and what was the result it was the energy released was so high they could not resist and was the reason black magic came into existence
    few country also knew that this could be done but did not do cause it knew if child is given to play with sword it is very obvious that it will hurt ohers but at the same time chances is also there it will cut himself as well
    so it was decided start perforating the third eye from ur conciousness as thy knew that in this method when the power is with you all the dangerouds facts that can harm is known and once you know them ypu would not do it
    mind a person doing anyhthing wrong or forced to do wrong has to himself think that it is right for him or else it cannot be done it is not very human nature to do something wrong
    so this methods are good enough to activate it
    other ways will give you power bt as the country knew that there is less chance of using it wisely if you can see through wall there are less chances that you will help someone fallen in the well but more chances to use it wrongly
    there are 112 ways pto do so but when your pienal gland is activated only one step ahead is left to reach to top to reach to nowhere
    ther way beyond any way
    one of the best way is also when ever you are happy or achieve anything put tilak on ur fore head where pineal gland is there
    because mind does not keeps bad memories it keeps all the good ones
    is one of the reason that small kids do not remember anything till 5 years point is if you force it by any means you can but you dont as those 5 years are so unpleasent that you dont
    when ever you go back in past you will feel that that day was awesome if again i hold ,y girlfrnds hand how blissful it will bw go ahead hold and see truth will be seen clearly
    so when ever you are happy and you put tilak you unconciously remember your third eye and the mor eyou remember more your conciousness is getting accumulated over there
    ther were few experiments on human nature that i am bored to write to prove this point
    but the more you go deep mopre the risk is increased
    the pronounciation of the word is not actually tho but whoo do this as many tmes as possible you will find some other kind of viberation on you genital gland something is activated like if you sit quite u feel ur heart beat bit needs more deep calmness to feel after shouting who sit quite u may feel
    there is something that is continously trying to open wanting to live wanting to be released as it is relaeased ur third eye gets opened
    thats all rest m bored to write
    thanking you u listened to me so carefully

  32. Demswa

    Hello everyone,

    i just happen to come on this site by looking for some more decalcification tips for the pineal gland, but i am familiar with aura in my life. I am 26 of age now, and i started reading my first chakra book when i was 13 years old. especially on the “how to see” aura part.I stopped after some weeks.

    I got interested in it again when i was 21 years of age. I started meditating from here on and learning how to see it again and i bought a few stones (amethyst, lapis lazulli, tiger eye, and some more. I used to see peoples base aura layer (white shadey part), which Always follows them as they walk by. This continued for quite some months. Then i stopped again.

    Now im 26 and my girlfriend recently got a free aura workshop for her birthday. This got me interested again. It was only now i found out about the pineal gland (feels like i wasted so many years :P) and how to decalcify it. I also learned from my previous experiences how to look at people’s aura. This i picked up within 1 day. I bought so far:

    Chlorella (i take 6 pills a day spread over 3 times before my meals.)
    Big ice skate liver oil ( 2 pills a day) *i received it this morning so its my first time 😀 )
    simple vitamin c
    Vitamin d3 (need to buy new ones, out of stock :P)
    i also drink 1 lemon juice with water each day.

    What i also started doing was the eye excersize with the soft vision. (i used to do that too when i was 21)
    Now as i was on my work today i started feeling headache, between my eyebrows in the middle of my brain (pineal gland). I know this cause you can actually “learn” to feel your pineal gland when meditating.

    So i was amazed when reading trough the post that i found that more people had this. I guess i must making progress then.

    Tho i have never done any kundalini meditation since i am a christian, and i believe that as God created all, this is also part of our creation as humans, hence the reason why i dont practise any meditation session which you can find all over the internet. So when i meditate i make sure my toughts are with God, and the source of all the chakra gates come from God 😀

    When i was younger and i prayed closing my eyes, i used to see many different star like colors, dots which appear and leave. I even saw these when i would wake up in the middle of the night (so then i knew it could not be from televsion or the lights in a room). So recently i came on the site of Simona Rich ( where she explain the beginning stages of seeing aura’s. So i knew by this i have been sensitive to this for a long time 😀 and i am seeing them again, tho not yet as much as i used to. So i am happy that i came across this site.

    I will keep you updated on my own progress 😀

    O yeah and use flouride-free toothpaste :P:P:P

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Great, thank you for sharing that with us Demswa! 🙂 For those who begin on the path of pineal gland activation they begin to feel that sensation above the brow in the centre of the forehead, I describe it as a magnetic feeling – that is indeed your third eye trying to kick start. 🙂 Definitely keep us updated on your decalcification/activation experience.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  33. Phil

    I am just now learning about pineal gland stuff. I have been extensively researching ancient knowledge and spiritualism, and what started as curiousity has turned into changing the way I live and think about every aspect of my life. I have become very spiritual and yearn for more knowledge. It all just feels so right. My only fear is that I might somehow let bad spirits enter or take over in any way. Does this only happen with occult practices and evocation rituals? Or can meditation or pineal gland exercises start to open this path too? How do I protect myself?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Phil, great to hear that you have been progressing spiritually. Thanks for the question, I believe that with an open loving heart no bad spirits can affect you. It’s only when you are in a state of fear are you ever a risk of anything like that.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  34. corey

    I seem to always be lethargic, moody and generally in a foul mood..I have been reading a lot about this kind of thing recently and it has really peaked my interest. The thing is though, I grew up in a Pentecostal Christian environment from birth and heard a lot of some may say, ‘fanatical’ people claim awakenings, visions, seeing the devine and interventions of a irrefutable angelic or even God like manner, is this and that the same thing?

  35. Somlata

    I have just started this process and being a fidgety person meditation has not been easy.thanks a lot for the info in the article.i am determined to make it a success .i feel I have it in a seeker and hope this journey reaches it’s destination.wish me luck.
    May god bless everyone.
    Lots of love and peace

  36. jarrett

    recently out of nowhere something has been calling me towards the whole pineal gland strengthening subject idk why buy I feel a strong importance in it. I don’t know much in what I need to do other than try to listen..if anyone can help me plz contact me

    1. jarrett

      something is calling to me telling me I need to do this a overwhelming sensation…something big…what do I do? I fear I am too ignorant to understand or comprehend..

      1. Anonymous

        If you have children, think as they think. They do not dwell on the past,nor do they dwell on the future. Live in each moment and breathe.

  37. Tatiana

    I have been using flouride free toothpaste for 5 days now. I have also been eating organic foods including only beans or one egg, a green vegatable, and one apple or orange twice a day. I also juiced some organic lemons and have been adding a little of the juice to my non fluoridated water for three days now. (Christmas messed me up lol). I have not tried to meditate yet but I plan on doing so… Yesterday I began to have a huge tension headache which lasted all day through the night and into today. Does it sound like it may be causes by the decalcification of my pineal gland? Or is this too soon?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Tatiana, difficult to say whether the tension headache is your pineal gland activating. Usually people experience a magnetic like feeling above their brow, which means the pineal gland/third eye is triggering. When I bringing objects near to my brow, I can feel this magnetic feeling with varying degree, depending on the object, the strongest feeling is when I put my own hands there, that’s when the magnetic sensation is strongest. The things you are doing will definitely help decalcification, it does take time so be patient and monitor the experiences you have on this journey.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

    2. Brandon Wayne

      That happened to me when mine was just starting to do stuff.. like a pressure so strong that it was like the center of my brain was splitting into two parts.. soon as I would play the pineal gland meditation stuff it would feel soooo much better.. then after that I would move my neck and hear crackling sounds inside of my brain.. and even a few times I feel like energy forces came into my brain and shot energy up into it.. Like I would feel sexual and start feeling happy.. and I could feel someone there with me.. and it felt like rushes of energy would go up my spine and flow into the center of my brain.. so yeah.. pineal gland stuff is pretty awesome.. just be aware though about these other forces because apparently they will have energy/mind sex with you LOL honestly..

  38. Juan Ramirez

    Hi there. What is the word Thst I say when I meditate. Can I please get a response. Thank all and happy new year.

      1. Juan Ramirez

        Thanks I don’t know about the pineal gland. I heard it and made a search and found your page I’d a great site.

  39. mason

    I was able use telekenieses without really putting my mind into it but it showed me itself what I’m caple of doing because I was talking about doing it and I did it my girlfriend was there to witness it and I made a moutain dew bottle canister type of deal tip about a 130 degree angle for about 3 secs then back to its surface and it had about id say 15 percent fluid in it also but with my research and observations I think ppl can only do this technique one. Open minded. Two. Who is able to turn all negative energy into positive energy. Well so far this is all I the knowlegde I know so id love for some more help because I think I have a very strong gland and I’ve been working it out and myself and inner energy cuz that’s what I always belived in as a kid mind over matter. And I’m pretyy young…

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Sounds great Mason! Keep practising and as long as you do things with a positive intention and open heart you will remain on a good path. If you have any other questions, please do get in contact.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  40. DR G GANGADHAR pediatrician DOCTOR

    VERY valuable information about melatonin from pineal gland. As a Doctor we learned it as a vestigial organ in the brain. But now I think this is like a mobile phone communicating our mind- body -soul to God ( 7th. Chakra) . this third eye does not catch light waves but it receives and send some unknown waves (cosmic ) to communicate to God faster than light waves. Pineal gland is responsible for menarche at 12 y girl, menopause at 42 years, ageing, diurnal variations, biological clock in our body, DR GANGADAR PEDIATRICIAN HYDERABAD INDIA EMAIL :

  41. Fransisco Ramirez

    I am having problems in trying to get people to believe me about all this important stuff .
    I am in the process of healing my pineal gland &I tend to forget what im saying and I stutter alot when explaining to my family and friends.
    I know it’s okay , that’s a symptom.
    But how can I get my parents to believe me ??:o
    Thanks!! 🙂

  42. Mark Barnard

    is it possible to use a frequency generator to activate a pineal gland that is calcified , so that it may start to de-calcify it .could you please mail me your reply

  43. Spirits travel

    When you are opening your third eye I learned if you have aches and pains it helps to drink tea with coca it ( no sugar)
    may sound weird but it helped me

  44. Brandon Wayne

    Hiya, I’m very very very into Pineal Gland stuff and pretty certain my pineal gland is super alive n well! I do however drink a lot (considerably around and perhaps over moderate.) amount of caffeine through coffee and some green tea.. I’m curious to know what happens if someone follows the pineal gland wellness stuff to a T however besides the caffeine intake..? Like surely it can still be really well and work perfectly.. just some reassurance and any additional info about that would be nice.. Thanks and God bless!

  45. Daniel Jones

    Hi. Love your site by the way. Can you help me please. The information on the pineal gland needing darks conflicts the information in sun gazing when it’s obviously getting lots of light. Am I reading it wrong?
    Thanks in advance Daniel

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Daniel, it’s all about cycles. During the day the body expects light, during the night the body expects dark. It’s just about working with this cycle. Hope that helps! 🙂
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  46. Cyndi

    The Drunvalo video clip is down because of copyright claims. Drunvalo sells a workshop DVD set that has this info in it: Earth Sky Heart Workshop with Drunvalo Melhizedek
    How to activate the ‘beams’ of the pineal gland is also taught in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, there are teachers worldwide. It is a required course, IMHO, for any on path of Awakening/Ascension. Thanks for useful website!

  47. rahul

    i’ve read in web that through ajna chakra or 3rd eye meditation someone can increase his/her height. I am really want to know that is that true to increase height by meditation on 3d eye or ajna chakra.?
    as i am meditating since last 1 month this 3rd eye thing.
    if any boudy out there anyboudy know anything about this topic.
    please kindly help me in this as i really want to grow my height.
    for this i shall be ever greatful to you.


  48. John Ramone

    For those who want to start practicing Divine Nectar ,I recommend you to use your finger to help your tongue reaching the upper part of nasal cavity faster .

  49. Dic Handchek

    Wouldnt taking something like ayahuesca (nnDMT) Have more of a dependence effect than an empowering one. It seems more that using an outside source of pineal gland excretion tends to give the brain the idea it doesnt need to produce its own substance naturally, and rely s on the the ayahuesca for it.

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      If anyone does know of retreats which are cheaper, please do get in touch. It’s all about giving our community access to cheaper alternatives, and giving them the choice to decide.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  50. Alex Katernuk

    I AM also a past Rosicrution . Many years ago I practiced their meditation which align the Pineal and Pituitary glands . If you are not aware of this meditational procedure, consult the book. Wisdom Of The Mystic Master. Truth is revealed that changes your reality of who you really are to heights that make you, – never the same. Many people are led to believe that all it takes is a ” open your third eye in 15 minutes” binaural. This is not accurate, people demand instant results and remain disappointed in their darkness of their ignorance.

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Alex, thanks for the book suggestion will look into this. You are right, there is no quick fix and it requires dedication and practice. I also believe that you can introduce small things in your life which will help you get on that path of activation, but the first important thing is putting the intention out there and starting on this journey.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  51. Cristian Dambrós

    Hello I’m trying to pronounce the mantra Thoh several days but I can not. You have a video explaining exactly how to do this pronunciation? Thank you.

  52. Monil Dawda

    Hey thanks for this wonderful article . I’ve read about waves produced at a certain frequency that help de calcify the pineal gland .. Have you read about it and can you vouch for the fact that it aids in it? I’m 17 and really curious , thanks and regards

  53. AAYUSH

    dear spiritual scientist I found your posts very helpful and i’m grateful to u.I would like to ask you something and also share my experience. Sometimes when I am in deep sleep I wake up suddenly that means my brain wakes up and not my bodyparts I couldn’t open my eyes nor I can move my finger a little bit but I can sense everything like somebody is switching on the light or somebody is talking I can actually hear it but can’t move my body a bit.I m very scared sometimes as I am in situation of coma.I make a lot of effort from inside to wake my body sometimes it works but sometimes when it doesnt work I stop resisting and fall asleep but day before yesterday I fall asleep at 10 AM as I woke up early in the morning and feeling tired so I decided to take a half hour nap and set alarm as I have to go to college I hardly slept for 20 mins but believe me sir in first 10 mins I was somewhere else I was in my hometown and could ser things very clearly but when I found that it was the same coma condition I started resisting to wakeup my body and after continuous resistance for 5-7 mins I woke up.this happens to me once or twice in a month or two but sir I m very much scared. I have asked many people they are telling that perhaps I have some neuro problem or because of my pillow but the incident that took place day before yesterday had severely impacted me.I have heard about pienal gland in ancient alien I was just surfing internet this morning and typed on google about pienal gland and I came across your site and read posts of many readers and I thought I should ask u.please reply to my queries.forgive me if I have said any childish

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Aayush, difficult to determine what is going on with the limited information. I do know that when the body wakes up from sleep it sends a signal to the body to help it move and get up, sometimes this signal doesn’t necessarily work and your mind wakes before your body, hence the coma like symptoms. This has happened to me before too, if it happens regularly then I recommend seeing a sleep specialist who could investigate further. Hope that helps.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

    2. Kresimir Pavlovic

      Check Google and YouTube for sleep paralisis and youll get answers. Some people on internet teach astral travel and how to use sleep paralisis to detach from your phisical body. Its normal to have sleep paralisis and everybody has it but some of the people as you wake up during that and its a great advantage you have to archive OBE.

    3. Kresimir

      Kresimir gle and YouTube for sleep paralisis and youll get answers. Some people on internet teach astral travel and how to use sleep paralisis to detach from your phisical body. Its normal to have sleep paralisis and everybody has it but some of the people as you wake up during that and its a great advantage you have to archive OBE.

  54. matt

    used What is the third eye and how do you know it exists. Maybe just the fact that because you believe there is one, sort of like with a placebo effect, you feel like you have enhanced spirituality. The mind could conjure up many ideals of reality and the more one strengthens it the more real it such reality becomes. I’m interested in seeing where all information about things that are good and bad for the pineal gland come from. Many must get it from second had sources. Who get it from somewhere. Is some of what is taught just feel good hype stuff? Similar to how people wish paranormal things like superpowers were real, this is sort of possibly like an escapist thing to distract people and give them something to focus on and see as a means of enhancing their life? I am kinda in a head space of negativity at the moment and I think about a lot of stuff. Deep, deep, deep, deep stuff. And I used to have such an idealistic view of reality and had so much energy and positivity. But it didn’t last. The novelty of thinking I had discovered some ultimate truth wore off. It didnt feel right and seemed strange how people like me (at the time) who werent that extroverted or lacking in social skills seemed to be the kind that would drift into this zone of mystical stuff. It was a kind of escape from reality in honesty. I just can’t help but feel as though most of this stuff, although being obviously helpful to those who seem to really believe in it, is perpetuated by self riteous people who seem to attract their information, techniques and teachings from within their brains which ar completely subjectively sculpted from childhood. As humans we have needs yeah? And possibly we try to fulfil them through this. I am new to discussing my thoughts they may be incoherent as i have been a little negative lately and this questioning of everything may be due to it. Some clarification on why anyone here wants to do these things and where some of the info comes from would be super cool 🙂

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Matt, thank you for sharing that with us, very grateful. This information comes from many different sources, please see the What is the Pineal Gland? section for more about this. You just have to follow your heart, I am a big believer of this, and even if you don’t believe in instincts, i.e. that what feels good/right on a deeper level, I just ask that you explore it. I welcome others from the community to respond here too, could be insightful for you to hear other people’s stories.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

      1. Steven Misosky

        You can find the very long history of the sacred pineal gland by doing a search that includes pineal gland AND pincone. There are Youtube videos as well as plenty of written information. Do this and you will soon understand the important role that this gland plays in your development.

    2. AAYUSH

      thank u guru for your valuable advice and salute for ur contributions which aims at helping the society.

  55. Auruzu

    I am fairly new to beginning to fix my penal gland and also reach high levels of self improvement and before i found this I looked up much about Auras, im very curious because a scientist from this site has some very intresting information but what bothers me is that they claim that Artifical stimulation (Drugs) causes a big increase in aura but that the aura is white which they also claim often indicates disease death and problems… of course i have yet to confirm this personally, but I think some people may benifit from what they have created there. Im waiting on this “Chakra Shirt” to see if i gain any benefit from it check it out 🙂

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Auruzu, thanks for the link, artificially produced drugs could have adverse effects whereas if you take organic natural remedies which I recommend, then it shouldn’t have the adverse effects.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  56. philoooo

    when trying the divine nectar technique, do you have to stick your tounge into your nasal cavities behind your uvula? or just gently rub the areas in the back? and if the latter is the case, cant you just use your finger???

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Philoooo, gently rubbing the area at the back of your roof of your mouth will stimulate the right zone. I believe doing it with the tongue is a fundamental part of the exercise and serves a purpose rather than using anything else like a finger.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  57. Les

    Can you please tell me If activation on the pineal gland be a result of a epileptic seizure? Prior to last year I would never have thought of anything except medical. Events that transpired after that seizure and coming across this sight, have me saying what if this is it? For years I’ve always put it to medical, but after a seizure in 2008 I found myself being drawn back to the church. After my initial meeting with the minister and following a few suggestions, I find myself here today. The only reason I really started investigating last year after seizure is simple. I seen how coincidence ater coincidence was laying itself out. The strangest aspect about it though, it lasted for almost 2 solid months and in that time I felt as a kid trapped in an adults body. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you and god bless

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Les, from my knowledge pineal gland activation shouldn’t cause epileptic seizures. There are many reasons why it could have happened but hard to say from your message. Sorry I can’t give you an further insights.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  58. denybedoomed

    I read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman’s a few years ago, I’ve been interested in the subject ever since. I tried it once before, but it was a tiny amount. However, while not having a “full breakthrough,” what I experienced was about the most profound thing I’ve gone through. While a friend and I bought a certain type of tree bark to extract the compound from, we are far from chemists and were too scared to try. I’m very interested in any info you have on this, I mean, do I have to go all the way to South America to get ahyuasca?!

    Also, any thoughts on Castenada’s works?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi there, do you know what kind of tree it was? There are other places you can try ahuyascha outside of South America, I am in the process of putting together a list of potential places. Hoping to launch a new version of the site to better suit the community but the launch is still TBC at the moment.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  59. Marlee

    Hi!! Thank you soo much for this website! I just found it yesterday and I cant stop thinking about it!
    I changed my diet a year ago, and I have been taking Fermented cod liver oil, activator X and many other supplements in addition to detoxing.
    All of those i think have contributed in enhancing my “third eye”
    But the main thing that I think have contributed in activating my third eye is love!
    I used to hate myself and I was frustrated and depressed.
    After I met the guy, I felt like something changed in me! I became a different person and everybody could see the glow!
    So i changed my diet a year ago, but I only felt that my third eye was truly activated was when I met him.
    I think you should mention that being depressed and sad is a major factor in activating you Pineal Gland, and that all the supplements and yoga in the world wont help much if you hate yourself.

  60. Kisembo

    Hello can eating Chia seeds help in detoxifying and cleaning my Pineal gland? looks like everything we eat and drink in Africa is harmful to the organ. I grow Chia seeds and they have all the vitamins and other minerals mentioned.
    Thank you all

  61. Rahul

    Respected sir, after reading the article i gt so much inspired in activating the pineal gland i felt burning sensation in my back head fr few minutes. Dont know wht symtom this is. Is this activation of pineal gland?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Rahul, hard to say what this feeling is. However please monitor it. When activation occurs, a warming magnetic feeling is popular over the area above the middle of your brow.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  62. OneWayUp

    Kundalini for me is the easiest way to experience oneness pure moments where there are no thoughts. where there are no thoughts is where i find moments of enlightenment. After one week of practicing Kundalini Meditation i had successfully awakened my Kundalini energy. My last profound experience was life changing. I had wrote down a Intent and thought on the intent for only 30 minutes. as my kundalni awakened and went through muladhara, suadhisthana , manipura and reached my heart total disconnect from the physical realm had dissolved into oneness. The visions of unity were metaphysicly divine. By the time my kundalini was fully raised my body was no longer and i had become apart of the inter connected web so to speak of conscienceness. i had one and only one question. and it was the intent i had wrote down. I had no answer but a vision. The vision was all of those that were where i was at. all forms of exsistance. were here. for 20 minutes the vision grew stronger and stronger. what i saw was all of exsistances Higher selfs in one place sharing the experience with me. I am trying real hard to put this into words but simply can not. its was not the astral and it was not the physical but deeper within my very being truly connected we all of exsistance. my point is this Faith is my guide and to where it takes me is up to me. Namaste

  63. Dylan Condon

    Hi ummm… I did not see when this was posted but Im a 15 year old boy and I am really interested in the Pineal Gland BUttttttt the thing is i don’t really know to do…. by that i mean i have no money and i really doupt that my family wouldnt judge me if i start meditating SOOO PLEASE HELP…. I live in Florida Cape Coral And im in high school softmore year…. somone please awnser me PLEASE… Im not just some stupid kid i really want help with this….. AND NO IVE NEVER Done drugs OKKKK… Lets get that straight

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Dylan, start by meditating and you’ll be surprised what effect it will have on you. 🙂 Don’t be afraid of what other’s think – just feel love. 🙂
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  64. Parks

    Careful what you wish for…I’ve been taking serotonin inhibitors for years now to shut down my PSI ability. There are things that many are not ready to see on different levels and often naïveté on the part of people who imagine that it’s magical to have this ability can lead to a shock.

    Before you even think of activating your third eye take time and read what others have said before you undertake this journey. Robert Monroe would be a good start so would a treatise by Robert Bruce.

    Be prepared …be careful.

  65. Pingback: Melatonin - Improving with Meditation

  66. cogniq brain

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for info approximately
    this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now.
    But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure in regards to the

  67. Rich

    Gotu Kola has been called “the herb of enlightenment”, “Brahmi the goddess of supreme wisdom” and “Saraswati the goddess knowledge & wisdom”, among other names. It is said to help bring knowledge of the Supreme Reality. Yogis use it for meditation and have for a long time. A little-known fact is that there are a number of varieties of Gotu Kola with somewhat different substances in them. Some have white flowers, while others have flowers that are basically indigo in color. The third eye chakra is said to be indigo in color too, leading me to the conclusion that those Gotu Kola varieties with indigo colored flowers may be best for the purpose of stimulating the pineal gland. Also, eating the dry powder is said by some to not have the same effect as eating 2-3 fresh leaves from the plant each day.

    North pole magnetism is said to stimulate the pineal gland as well. Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls Jr. made some fascinating discoveries in this area, as well as others.

  68. Hindu

    Shameless white people like you try to delink the importance of Pineal Gland in such horrendous ways. “Thooh” is a shameless ripoff of “OM”. This comes from your hatred towards Hinduism. Unfortunately for you, OM is not patented to just Hinduism. “OM” is the vibration of the Universe and all beings. Do not try to delink Hindu concepts and digest it into your religion, you shameless follower of a shameless evangelical religion.



  70. Jim

    Since a lot of people post different ways of detoxifying/activating the pineal gland I would like to make some suggestions too. In order to detoxify the pineal gland and also clear it of any dirty energies I suggest orgonites. In my experience this is the most effective way. If you want to know where to find truly functional orgonites leave me a reply here. As for meditation and yoga I recommend the ones of the pranic healing system. I have found it to be the best approach to these. Lastly, I would also like to mention the magnesium threonate supplement.

  71. Jeremy

    It’s truly very complicated in this full of activity life to listen news on Television, therefore I just
    use the web for that reason, and take the most recent information.

  72. Shannon

    You should also see a homeopathic dentist to have any Mercury or composite fillings removed. They’re a constant source of poison.
    It’s also important to learn about the energies that exist between humans and plants. The Celstine Prophesies is a good book. Written as fiction but most information is factual.
    And stop watching TV. It’s hard to grow intellectually and spiritually when you polute your mind with it.

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