It started with a thought…

With most things in life, an idea starts with a single thought… a belief that you can make a difference and bring value to another person’s life.

My thought was, what if all of us were all in touch with our spiritual-selves… we all felt unconditional love towards one another… we all felt it our responsibility to help each other and look after our planet. It was a great thought.

Many of us feel a turning point currently in flow, whether we are in touch with our higher-selves or not, the universe around us in changing… evolving into something new. With all change there is a period of turmoil, as old structures breakdown, so new ones can be built.

As the pace of change is increasing and we enter this new paradigm, more and more people are awakening. As these people awaken they start to question the things around them and their own potentials. People are realising that there is more to this universe than our 5 senses, something greater, something beyond what we know today.

Many ancient traditions have talked about this for many thousands of years. It is only now that we are rediscovering this lost knowledge and trying to take on its wisdom and traditions to raise our own vibrations as the universe around us vibrates at a quickening pace.

As with many others out there, I have seen my own journey of awakening and as I continue on this journey I am learning more and more each day, each moment. Part of my more recent journey, I instinctually become curious about decalcifying my pineal gland. The thought of doing this just resonated with me.

I did some research and found bits of information on various forums. I realised that there wasn’t really any one-stop resource for people who want to begin the process of decalcifying and detoxing their pineal glands. As I began to try out methods, I realised that I wanted to share these methods and experiences with others. I began with friends who had a similar curiosity to these things. They were thankful for the knowledge, and thus I thought I should share this with the world, and was born.

It is my thought that it can be that one-stop resource for all who want to start activating their pineal glands. With all your help, we can grow this into a serious resource for reversing the generations of calcification and toxins that certain control systems have exposed us to. Please let all your friends and family know, and spread the word. You can contribute to the site by leaving comments with more information and hints/tips. I can then add this new information to the site and we can grow this resource together.

So let’s all connect and embrace this new unity consciousness, for now is the time for all of us to start working on opening our third eye and seeing the universe in it’s true spiritual form.

Love and blessings,
Spiritual Scientist

Spiritual ScientistIt started with a thought…

9 Comments on “It started with a thought…”

  1. Suresh Kutty

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    This article is informative and interesting.Its for last couple of years since I am into this Brain subject.Myself Suresh Kutty DMIT(Scientific analysis of finger prints) Counselor (Intl),Brain Stimulation Master,NLP Practitioner,Integrated Clinical Therapist have been using binaural alfa-theta brain music to stimulate Midbrain.Of late for adults I have started activating adults after pineal gland by perfect frequency and vibrational solfiggeo tuning pipes.Hope to master in this field for a social cause.
    Warm Regards
    Suresh Kutty

  2. dennis marsella


  3. Eduardo

    Estoy agradecido en la informacion encontrada en internet, por el allasgo del link para limpiar mi glandula pineal.


  4. Bader

    Thank you so much for creating this website!

    It is by asking questions that we are able to find answers. By collaboration and sharing information that we can reveal the ultimate truth. The Third Eye is our gateway into higher consciousness and liberation from the illusion of the ego.

    I found that anything that poisons the body also poisons the pineal gland, so by taking care of the whole body, we are able to help the pineal gland decalcify and work properly. It’s also important to not fall back to old habits that got us sick in the first place, calcified the pineal gland and cut us off from spirituality.

    It is not a crisis of money or resources. It is a crisis of consciousness. I really appreciate what this site has taught me in order to open my Third Eye and raise my level of consciousness!

  5. aaj verhulst

    i recently met a man who was looking for a tibetan singing bowl with the sound A .. (I have a big collection of antique tibetan singing bowls ) ..having the frequency of the 6th chakra… …Does some one have the experience of using this frequency to order to clear the pineal gland ??

  6. Carl

    Hello, I take a supplement called Syntra-5 that contains dicalcium phosphate. This supplement gives me good results with my with my diabetes.

    Will the dicalcium phosphate within my Syntra-5 supplement prevent me from being able to decalsify/activate my pineal gland? I am a senior citizen 67 years old. I suspect that prevents me from declassifiing my pineal glad as well.

    Thanks for you help


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