Spiritual & Sacred Sites for Pineal Gland Activation

To help activate your pineal gland/third eye, visiting the many spiritual and sacred sites around the world will help accelerate this and encourage pineal gland activation. For me it was the Bosnian Pyramids, the opportunity to meditate at the top of a 20,000+ year old pyramid at it’s energetic point helped energise me and accelerate the activation of my pineal gland and whole light body.

What is a sacred site?
Earth Chakra sites
What to do when you visit sacred sites?
Sources of Spiritual & Sacred Sites

What is a sacred site?

Sacred sites can be described as special places where the physical world seems to meet the spiritual world. These locations may have been worshipped for generations where pilgrimage is common or maybe places of nature beauty and natural energetic abundance, i.e. Earth chakra sites. For more information on Earth chakra sites, please visit the following link where they have a wealth of information: Earth Chakras – An introduction

Earth Chakra sites

For a list of Earth Chakra sites, please visit: Earth Chakra sites

What to do when you visit sacred sites?

So what are you supposed to do when you get to these sacred sites? My simple answer is to just be in the moment and feel the Earth’s energy. πŸ™‚ The moment you slow down and come to the present moment, you will begin to absorb the surrounding ambient energy that exists in abundance in these sacred sites. Meditating and feeling the energy of love are also recommended activities. By doing this you accept the energy of the Earth and you also send back the energy of love and thus help to heal the Earth on an energetic and spiritual level.

Have a look at some of the other practices within the How to activate the Pineal Gland? section for more specific ideas on how to activate the pineal gland whilst in sacred sites.

Sources of Spiritual & Sacred Sites

Below are links to various sites that contains maps and lists of spiritual and sacred sites around the world. Many of the sites have maps you can navigate to find your nearest spiritual and sacred sites, and if you are visiting a new country, have a look at which sacred sites they have to offer too. Happy exploring! πŸ™‚

Sacred Sites International Foundation
Mapping the Sacred – Explore the world’s sacred natural sites
SANASI – project to provide sound data on sacred natural sites for research and policy making
Sacred Land Film Project
Sacred Sites – Places of Peace & Power
Sacred Destinations

Spiritual ScientistSpiritual & Sacred Sites for Pineal Gland Activation

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