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Love and blessings,
Spiritual Scientist

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  1. mariline joachim

    thank you or this documentary. what can one possibly do reduce the emf from wireless in our home?
    Thank you

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Mariline, thank you for your message.

      One of the guys from the documentary talks about how he has protected his home from EMF, if you go to 32 minutes into the documentary he shows you what he has done. I did a quick search online too and found a site which has some helpful tips on how to reduce EMF in the home:
      Recommendations for an EMF Safe Home

      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

    2. L. Rijklof

      Hi Marilene!
      Have you tried Orgonite? If you browse this word, you will get the information you may need to counter arrest EMF.
      The orgonites, you can easily make for yourself.
      Anecdote: When I made my first seven, or nine orgonites, during the process clouds started packing on the horizon. Then it rained for three days on end ´according to the book´. They are also used to purify polluted water.
      They were developed by Wilhelm Reich in the fifties of the last century, for which he was jailed and killed by the faceless government of the time.
      You can ´gift´ orgonites around the bases of the masts of electric substations .. they will reduce (or nullify) the hazardous radiation most of us are unaware of.
      In the same way, these pretty orgonites, home-made of metal scrap, a mountain crystal, and two component raisin, are a good barrier against the EMF we are all subjected to .. I have them next to my computer, to mention one example.
      I can send you the basic information if you wish.
      Kind Regards,
      L. Rijklof, Colombia

  2. robert rios

    greetings brother,can you talk about laminine, i just started to take it and wanted your feed back thank you, in unity robert from san diego

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Robert, it’s the first time I have heard about laminine. I just did some research on it and noticed that it is a patented formula, so not sure how processed it is. It seems that it is taken from a nature product, ie. tissue of the fertilised egg hen, and contains many positive things like amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions, however I think the best feedback will be from yourself and your own experience with it. How long have you been taking it for? What effects have you noticed? While taking laminine, have you changed any other things in your lifestyle like diet, etc?

      Will be really interesting to her your story. Thank you for sharing it with me, much appreciated.

      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

      1. robert rios

        greetings people,thanks for reply,this is my second week of taking laminine so i’am hesitant now to say much,i have started to be really aware of what i injest,no more flouride seems that my thinking is changing i don’t know what thats about yet, i figure in four months i’ll have more to say about laminine, any questions i will be glad to try and answer. in unity robert

  3. patrick c. campbell

    i just wanted to tell the world the truth,that there is 9 essential amino acids and 2 of these i have found are what you all are seeking . as soon as you begin to take these a whole new dream world will open up for you.l-5 hydroxy tryptophan and methionine.methionine taken orally is converted to the same chemical those indians from south america have been taking.i believe most of us are starving for these 9 essential amino acids (protiens) our whole lives,they are essential and the body cannot produce them or store them , and the moment you go to the vitamin store and buy them and take them you will begin to have power full dreams. i take all the aminos and the 9 esential in a liquid form and i take tryptophan and the l-methionine in capsule form.i have seen jesus on the beach and been to the tree of life and found that you can learn years of experience in just one night.every night can be a metaphysical meditation.i have met spiritual masters and had beutiful dont have to believe me,just try for yourself
    patrick campbell

      1. Barbara

        All this information is great I just found out three months ago I have high blood pressure but without solve my pressure is normal again last week I doubt that I have diabetes so I am going to be awesome with all this help I appreciate that you share your knowledgethank you so much

  4. Spiritual Newbie

    Peace and Greetings to you all:

    I have begun researching the pineal gland and have found a myriad of scientific anatomy information as well as esoteric/occult beliefs. This is the first site I have come across that has actually put some things in perspective for me. So kudos for that in itself!

    Also, I am very interested in supplements that will help to decalcify and awaken my pineal gland, and would like to know if anyone has suggestions or additional information on the ones mentioned??

    Also, I have begun taking Nigella Sativa (cold pressed cumin seed oil – often referred to as black seed oil) for various reasons, and have found myself feeling more conscious, less stressed, and just an overall feeling of “doing the right things”. I believe it was Muhammad who said, “Black seed oil is the cure for everything except death.” Cleopatra was also buried with the oil. Does anyone have any information on this as it may relate to the pineal gland?

    Thank you all in advance!

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Thank you for your kind words. Regarding supplements, the organic blue stake liver oil is highly recommended.
      Also thanks for sharing your experience and information about Nigella Sativa, glad you had a positive experience with it. Maybe someone in the community might know more but if I come across anything will definitely let you know.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  5. Nimisha

    It is all about timing I guess! I have recently started research on the pineal gland, you have made the road easier. Thank you.

    Love and Light

  6. Zach

    Hello there,
    I just bought my first flouride-free tooth paste last week…late start I know…I want to reach spiritual awareness by activting my pineal gland as soon as possible.
    We have a triple osmosis water filtration system at the house so…no more tap water neither.
    My HUGE problem is that I drink coffee throughout the day.
    How long does it typically take to clense the pineal gland of calcium?
    I know several factors may make a difference but I was wondering if there is an average time span? Or a range of time?
    I am not very patient as you can tell lol
    Please advise…all input is greatly appreciated!

    1. L. Rijklof

      Three months, respected Zach . I have the information on a link, but it is in Spanish, and I have not translated it yet.
      L. Rijklof, Colombia

    2. Justin Marcus Anderson

      Hello Zach, I am a researcher in human glands. You have to know what food is and is not! Food leaves your body in three days. Pork leaves the body in one year! Cow’s milk leaves the body in two weeks! I broke the bible code, no one in the holy bible ate pork! All seven of your glands start working when you eat, hidden man-na in revelation 3. Which is mis-spelled! It should be hidden man-awe! Pork will stop all glands from working. The spirit world is a very busy place, meditation and dreams are very important to the subject. Thanks for your time, this is my first time.

  7. brooke

    So trying to acquire a regimen that will help with the penial glad functionand decalcification, please tell me what you think about this combination, chlorella, magnessium, kelp, skate liver oil and collidial silver. Thank you so much as this is very important to me

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Brooke, I would recommend trying each one at a time starting with the skate liver oil. Chlorella is good but must be taken daily though. Colloidal silver is a very powerful anti-bacterial agent but I not entirely sure of its decalcification potential – this I will need to do more research on. Good luck with your regime, if you can do something everyday to help then you’re going in the right direction.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  8. robert rios

    greetings everyone, i’am still taking laminine,it cost $33.00 a bottle of 30,hollow has alot of info on laminine, web site is for order info.lets all build a new world together,, peace robert

  9. Brooke

    Thank you for your input response to my question. I will go ahead with the regimen you have listed. Is this too a daily supplement, all of them together and for how long?

  10. Matthew

    Why hello! I am super excited that I found this site about the pineal gland. And am very glad to be apart not only learning this ancient old knowledge in a more scientific way but to spread it as well. I am also very excited to to begin my journey of detoxifying my body and brain to decalcify my pineal gland and see what power my brain really holds. I have always been. Strong believers in power of mind over the body and Am ready for this adventure! My father has Dan his own health food store for over twenty years now so I have either taken or heard from him many of the herbs and minerals that u say help rid the pineal gland of all that yuck sucking the life out of it. I think I will give him a call and make an order ! Lol. Anyways, glad to be apart of this community and wish to enlarge it and spread this news! Look forward to seeing how well others have benefited from decalcifying their third eye as well!

  11. sharika

    dear all,
    namaste ! this site is absolutely brilliant. mind over matter – a firm believer of this notion, today after reading up on this site i am convinced the universe conspires! i was actually looking up for the link to this notion and lo behold i bump into this site. thankyou for all the amazing flow of knowledge!

    god bless


  12. Jessica brown

    Hey, just wondering what your thoughts are on the supplement melatonin x6…. I’ve been taking this for about three weeks now as I’m not a great sleeper but also figured it might help give the pineal gland a kick along. Do you think it’s helpful?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Jessica, by taking melatonin your artificially activating your pineal gland, which isn’t a bad thing, you just need to make sure you don’t put your natural cycles out of sync.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  13. Christopher Monzon

    Hello I have a question. Does the opening of the pineal gland contribute to astral projection?

  14. A fellow spiritual scientist

    I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. I have a private practice in Wisconsin. I am looking for individuals to interview who have used higher doses of iodine/iodide (above 150mg per day) to detoxify penial gland. Can you offer and recommendations.

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi there, if anyone out there in the community has used higher dose of iodine/iodide as listed above, then please get in touch via the comment box and I can forward your message/contact details on.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  15. ledhead0014

    Does taking amino acids such as l theanine and l tryptophan hurt the decalcification process? I take the skate oil for my pineal gland but I have a lot of stress/anxiety and use these often as well. I also indulge in alcohol and have noticed my dreams have went away since I have been drinkin two or three beers a day for awhile. I only drink a lot on the weekends. Can I ever drink alcohol if I wish to have meaningful/symbolic dreams?

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi there, I don’t think it will interfere with the decalcification process, however large intakes of alcohol will. There is nothing with alcohol in moderation, however having it everyday will affect your dreaming.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  16. Christopher

    Hello again. I would like to ask if I am not near a spring water location, is it fine if I use a compact distilled water machine to clean the impurities in the water? Also I wanted to state if opening your third eye first will not effect the opening of the other chakras as well? Thank you for your message of wisdom! 🙂

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi there, with all natural systems, there needs to be balance, so when you activate your pineal gland you should also balance your other chakras too by doing activities as listed in the ‘Activate Pineal Gland’ section. Distilled water is one way to clean the impurities, just ensure that you add in the good minerals back into the water.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  17. Selena

    Hello. So happy I found this site. Valuable information to say the least. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with eveyone for their well being. For those that smoke, what is the best natural remedy for one who wants to quit and not experience major withdraw symptoms, anxiety, depression or other side effects from quitting?

  18. Sarah


    Thank you so much for this subscription opportunity! I have been reading through/studying your website for a few months off and on now and appreciate all of the info and guidance so much!

    I had a few questions for you! Do you know if all of the practices for decalcifying the pineal gland works for the pituitary gland as well?!

    Also, I have dived into the studies of learning how to protect and cleanse ourselves from radiation now and was wondering if any of the ingredients/supplements you listed for decalcifying the pineal gland could go for radiation cleansing as well? I know zeolite was definitely one that can help…

    And do you know of any meditation/energy practices that might help with the cleansing/protection practice?

    I have many more questions but I will ask at a later time when I can gather them collectively.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to helping us rise up together! Love & Light <3

    -Sarah aka Lady Love with
    F.U.E.L – Free to Understand Earth's Love

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Sarah, thanks for getting in touch! These practices should help the pituitary gland also – as the body is an eco-system in itself, if you positively affect one part it helps to restore balance in other parts too – the great workings of nature. 🙂
      You’re correct zeolites are great for cleansing radiation – great detoxifiers! If you look at the “How to activate the Pineal Gland?” section you will see practices you can use for cleansing/protection too.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  19. c.wright.thru.u.

    Divine infinite blessing to ALL.


  20. ryan

    Hi there
    About 10 minutes ago i atempted activating my 3rd eyeusing binaural and isa chronic tones it I did 2 on the same day and achieved a lot less. It was a 30 minutes meditation quite intense um within quite a bit around the monitor the colours in the room with changing and then what I imagine was heading towards its climax onmy forehead became tingling in head so while and then its climax i got this massive surge and i jumped up and ran out of the room just because i was feeling panicky and i was worried it was going to cause damage i got scared basically please advise me as to whether It workd and is activated or its not you know it’s not sure will it still work because i jumped up and left the room i was shaking panet is the am pecans

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Ryan, sounds like you had an activation experience! No need to be scared of it though, just embrace it with an open heart – follow your instincts. If it feels right to carry on then move with it. Good luck!
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  21. juan carlos

    Gracias, por estas informaciones. Espero ambundancia y grandes riquezas en usted. El k difundio esta información tiene su alma limpia. Estoy contento y agradecido porque siempre me gusta investigar el porque de las cosas en esta selva de semente.

  22. Adam

    Hi there,
    I am happy to come across your site.

    The information you and others have provided is very much appreciated.


    Yes it is very exciting, this time around.

    I am also doing what I can to plant seeds of encouragement and knowledge into peoples minds.


  23. Abhi


    I started few days ago regarding decalcifying pineal gland, I am bit confused.

    As for toothpaste it says don’t use fluoride. But the paste recommended has SLS.

    And second I am renting the apartment. How can I get water fluoride free. I am buying evian water everyday. For drinking. Any suggestions would be good.

    Though I ordered skate caps free days ago.

    Looking forward for a rep

  24. Vikki

    Dear Spiritual Scientist,I am So Happy to find you. I am going to buy a water filter and find out where I can get hold of some fluoride Free toothpaste. I am so pleased that there is a way to cleanse my Pineal gland. I Love Psychedelic experiences and I want to Open my Eyes and gain the knowledge to Grow and spread the Awesome seeds so We can All Evolve. Thank you Spiritual Scientist for throwing a seed in my direction.
    Much Love, Vikki

  25. Louis

    What a fantastic website…thank you! Well designed! I’ve been interested in the p gland but had been jumping around for info….it’s really great to have central point. Hive mind is always better with this sort of project.

    I’ve been vegan over two years. M.s.m. twice a day . Is there an inexpensive way to remove fluoride from water?

    May God’s love shine upon all here,and give you all a peace that is beyond human understanding

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Louis, great news and thank you! From what I have found, there isn’t really an inexpensive way to remove fluoride from water, only with a filter unfortunately. The alternative are finding fluoride free sources of water, i.e. spring water, etc.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  26. Noelene

    Hi. can any one maybe assist in this.

    I heard to have floride free water: Boiled water with a slice of lemon in will remove the floride.

    Floride free toothpaste: Bicarb, lemon juice and coconut oil.

    Much appreciated


    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi Noelene, I don’t believe that lemon would remove fluoride in water unfortunately. However your toothpaste recipe is great, I would remove the lemon juice due to it’s acidic properties for the teeth and use fresh mint to get a freshness sensation instead.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  27. JtR

    I am new to this, i have just recently been started research into the pineal gland and i am planning to start my change and being more aware of what i injest etc… any helpful hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

  28. Lightning Woman

    I would like to try the raw apple cider vinegar but could not find the proper dosage needed for decalcification. Could you please provide more information on this. Thank you.

    1. Spiritual Scientist

      Hi there, it’s best taken before meals, using 1-3 teaspoons in a glass of filtered water or even hot water as a tea. You can do this 1-2 times a day.
      Love and blessings,
      Spiritual Scientist

  29. Steo h

    Really great work your doing with the site, by informing people of their gland and everything associated with the gland, you are literally saving lives. Thanks again.

  30. Jose

    Hola a todos en esta pagina en especial a the spiritual scoentist, debido a que sufro de espondilitis empece a investigar y comence cambiando mi dieta alimenticia en un 80 %, quiero saber exactamente por donde empezar a descalcificarme, mi dieta ahora es a base de verduras y frutas y carnes, tomo todas las mañanas jugos a base de frutas y verduras, encontre en un mercado organico pea shoots y sunflower sprouts y los vengo consumiendo y me siento mejor, quiero despertar mi glandula pineal y espero me puedan ayudar, gracias de antemano por esta esquisita informacion

  31. Luis Ordaz

    Muchas gracias por tan importante informacion sobre la glandula pineal,me interesa mucho y voy a ponerla en practica,que opinas de las piramides de poder a escala de la gran piramide de Keops ,ayudaran en algo?

  32. Samantha

    I became a very “heavy” coffee drinker for about the past two years of my life. I would drink about 2 cups (or more) a day. Recently, for about two and a half months now, I gave up caffeine all together. Would caffeine from green tea or even maybe a natural KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] calcify my pineal gland aswell? I’m very curious because I love green tea but have steered clear of it because it is naturally caffeinated.

  33. L. Rijklof

    Well, a great, heart-to-heart Happy New Year to you, Spiritual Scientist, and all active members!
    Being in the midst of cleansing (decalcifying) and activation of the pineal gland, and keenly interested to work from out of the information gathered by this wonderful little gland, I feel great to be in this circle.
    The value of this grand little gland was hidden from the masses far too long, but not anymore! It is a shame that we were lied to for so many generations, and therefore have lagged behind thousands of years. But the Light is unstoppable, and the time for revelations about the Golden Age that has begun is NOW!
    I go according to the contents of a link I received from a soul, whose vibration I appear to share. It is in Spanish, but the information is thus that I feel like translating the whole thing.
    What I do now is start my day with the juice of seven lemons and a bit of water on an empty stomach. Besides I swallow a pressed and cut half tooth of garlic. This doing for three months, should do the trick.
    I, with some metaphysical development to my disposition, am very much interested in what the activation of this wonderful gland may bring to me, and I won’t be shy to share it.
    So, happy to meet you all,
    And hope we can come to a great, uplifting sharing!
    L. Rijklof, Pinguro en Antioqia, Colombia

  34. Laurence

    The Problem with Reverse Osmosis Water systems is the amount of water waisted in the process of filtration…
    For every one gallon of “RO” Water you get, 4 to 5 gallons are waisted..
    There are Carbon type filters that have basically no waisted water, and are comparable in filtration.

  35. B

    I purchased 90% cocoa by lindt. But other than that i got the other products by the book. Is the 90% cocoa going to be effective is what im really tryna ask

  36. Shyam nagpal

    Hi spiritual scientist..
    I don’t think we need to rub or massage our pineal gland physically…
    This is basically intend which work during khechri..
    More so ever..
    By histopathological studies some of atrophied photoreceptor cells have been found in pineal gland tissue..
    This is something like our appendix..
    Which was part of our intenstibe when earlier human being used to eat..fruit and vegetable …so lager part of gut was required to digest food..
    Same way pineal gland which is known for third eye or the part of brain to connect with higher world..
    Or to perceive ..
    As we are taught of newtons rule or science..gradually we stopped using those senses so it got atrophied..
    Soon nutshell…
    IDEA is to metamorphically..
    Or psychic way..
    If we start using this part it will automatically start working ..
    Means it calcification will start dissolving and one can start acknowledging super powers or universal powers which are beyond newtons science..
    We need to believe and work accordingly

    Of course all those suggested by you in blog are very useful..
    And one shld follow along with spirituality and all.
    Thanks and regards

  37. Melissa

    Hi, Im a nutritionist that practices functional medicine. I completely believe in all the pineal gland things you’re saying, However, just wanted to know if you could cite some sources for the methods you’re saying that decalcify the glad. I couldn’t find any on pubmed. Is there somewhere you can direct me to? I have been wanting to write a blog post on this too: mine is

    Thank you

  38. sean

    hi. regarding the calcium posts about why do we need calcium (organic). calcium is pulled out of the reserves in our bones when tissue is acidic to neutralize it. this depletes our calcium causing osteoporosis. as for the cannabis advocates i use to be one. studies have found thc overstimulates receptors in the liver causing an over production of protein marijuana acids lead to latent tissue acidosis and destruction of the alkaline design of the body. it has been found that an acidic state is where cancer and other illnesses begin. one other topic is vitamins. the body cannot assimilate cauterized minerals which most supplements are. so they go right thru your body. but recent studies have found that the cauterized mineral will first pull out of your healthy cell the same mineral trying to make itself whole so your depleting your reserves. this is a great site and very helpful. thank you for investing your time and energy to help others.

  39. Me

    Hi. I have opened my pineal gland without any type of research. How ? Through a friend who said take this. Yea take a guess lol anyways. I’ve noticed patterns and everything adds up to one crazy thought. When I say crazy I mean crazy. You say that it leads us to the path we are supposed to follow. I’ve had love in my heart and I do notice things go better when I do that. Except the thought is so crazy it’s so impossible and I just wanna know is it real what I am thinking? If I could talk to you off of the internet I would love to explain everything in person

  40. Maureen "Mo" Green

    Eureka! I am overwhelmed with happy. Having been repeatedly and massively exposed to high concentrations of multisourced fluorides, I am ecstatic to have found you. Amongst the mirade of other toxins, aluminum and tin were in abundance. As they act as antagonist with fluoride, I literally and helplessly felt my Pineal Gland harden. A quote here is appropriate, “What a long, strange trip I have been on.”

    I have suffered for decades, not even knowing the cause of the problems. I had no ideal why my cognitive, communicative, and learning abilities disappeared or where they were going. That is until I opened a hand surgeon’s professional journal.

    As I sat in the waiting room, this journal was brought from the back office and placed on the table next to me. He must have just been reading it, because when I picked it up, the pages fell open to an article entitled, “Carpal Tunnel is Directly Linked to Fluoride Exposure.”*

    I found FAN Flouride Action Network and another non profit agency called Second Look Tides . They helped me begin this fluoride/toxin detox journey. Since I instinctually felt a natural protocol was what would work best for me, your site, like that of the journal is feels by Providence.

    I used to have to hold my hand out with coins in it because I could no longer remember what nickels, dimes and quarters were worth. I could not hold focus long enough to remember words or their meanings to express myself. I was trapped within and I entertained myself by writing stories within my head. I have just begun the first of 9 books.

    I really, really need to safely clean up my Pineal Gland so I no longer must fear accidental provocations will set me backwards. Being a fully functioning cognitive being and now having the wherewithall to know what all I have been though, has me more determined then ever to bring my story to others. I will be reading and studying every word written written here. I look forward to learning the answers to questions I did not even know to ask. Finding your site feels as if there has been a pradigm shift of my tetonic plates!!!

    *I had been a hygienist before gloves or masks were known to be needed. I bare handeled stannous, sodium and acidulated phosphate fluorides.

  41. Mi

    In the other place do those entities have a pinoid gland to access a different dimension…do animals have pineal glands….if so are they the same?



    1. Justin Marcus Anderson

      Mi, Hello, Yes animals also have the same glands and go to the same places. Man is the only one that does not know how to use said glands. There are about seven different languages that is used in the spirit world. Dreams, telepathy, sex dreams, music and art and many more. Let’s not forget about possession by evil, it happens to animals as well. If around animals be sure they have a good spirit! With your glands you can do exorcisms, you will be able to spot bad ones real easy. When someone is reading your mind then you will get goosebumps all over. Adolf Hitler used all his glands! People that use all their brains stand out with certain traits that can not be missed. 100% of brain usage goes throughout history, only in the holy bible you find them all. All for now, Justin log…

  42. Justin Marcus Anderson

    Hello Spiritual Scientist, I have been reading on your website, I guess I am the only one here to actually use the pineal gland? I also work with the seven chakras, which each is a human gland! I am also a member of the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. foundation which deals with the same glands and chakras. I have never heard of turning on one gland and not turning on the others? I have turned on all seven glands at once but not one at a time. What you are looking for is in the blood system, and glands help each other not by cleaning out one of them. The pineal gland also works the eyeballs, and ears, you will see things and hear things from the spirit world! I did write a 33 page report on how to turn on all glands, want to read it? I did break the bible code! Yours in Science; I think what you are doing is great! Justin log…

  43. Carmen VonTickner

    Pineal Gland all new to me, but I find it very fascinating. I hope I learn a great deal more about it. Question: Does the Pineal Gland have any part in Lucid Dreaming? Thank you for this Web site, I know I will make good use of it.

  44. Aryan

    Sir, I’m feeling pineal pressure over 3 years. In starting it was too much disturbing and irritating but now it is good than earlier .
    But Sometimes it irritates me so badly.
    Sometimes I think to die.
    I didn’t tell about this from anybody.
    What should I do now?

  45. Tammy

    I would like to decalsify my pinealgland but not open my 3rd eye. How will i no when i have accomplished this. Thank you.

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